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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Awens to All:

      I registered my Buddhist Temple Community Garden with the BDO’s Druid Grove Registry then set about reading over Greywolf’s Blog and found this Quote:
      “By 1967, I had been a pacifist for ten years. This came from watching playground fights between individuals or gangs of boys during my first year at primary school. I saw that the only results were that one or more children got hurt and fresh enmity and resentment were caused. Even at the age of four, it didn’t take much of a leap of the imagination to see wars as playground fights writ large, the difference being only the scale and severity of the casualties. Since I could see no positive outcomes to fighting, only negatives, I determined that I would never take part in acts of violence, a position I have maintained ever since.”

      Me Too!

      I Can Relate To This!



        This may take so different views, and trying them on, 3×3. I feel that you should be kind towards all people, but I also feel that people should be able to defend themselves from gangs and people should learn self defense tactics. Further, people are bullies because it makes them feel powerful, and then there are straight out criminals who steal for a living. But at some time, if you are backed into a wall or at risk of being killed then I think it is fine to defend yourself with every bit of strength you have. I always wondered what the Dali Lama would do in a situation where someone tried to take his life, and I think he would fight back and not let an attacker take his life. And what would you do if your girlfriend was being raped. Would you be a pacifist then.? How about if someone was trying to hurt your children, would you still be a pacifist? The best way to avoid evil people is to stay away from places where they hang out, like bad bars. And also stay away from drug users. But in my view, it is always alright to defend yourself from people who want to hurt you. I would always try to walk away from a fight, but if I have no choice, I prepare my self to take a knife or a gun off of an attacker and take that attacker down. I like buddhism because of the idea of karma, and the idea of living in the present moment. But does buddhism really fully work in the west where we have western cultural values? I don’t want more than I need, but I don’t want to live with just a robe and a beggars bowl. As the folk singer Joe Pug put it in Hymn 101

        [Verse 1]
        And I’ve come to know the wishlist of my father
        I’ve come to know the shipwrecks where he wished
        I’ve come to wish aloud
        Among the over-dressed crowd
        Come to witness now the sinking of the ship
        Throwing pennies from the sea-top next to it

        [Verse 2]
        And I’ve come to roam the forest passed the village
        With a dozen lazy horses and my cart
        I’ve come here to get high
        To do more than just get by
        I’ve come to test the timber of my heart
        Oh, I’ve come to test the timbre of my heart

        And I’ve come to be untroubled in my seeking
        And I’ve come to see that nothing is for naught
        I’ve come to reach out blind
        To reach forward and behind
        For the more I seek, the more I am sought
        Yeah, the more I seek, the more I’m sought
        [Verse 3]
        And I’ve come to meet the sheriff and his posse
        To offer him the broadside of my jaw
        I’ve come here to get broke
        Then maybe bum a smoke
        We’ll go drinking two towns over after all
        Oh, we’ll go drinking two towns over after all
        Verse 4]
        And I’ve come to meet the legendary takers
        I’ve only come to ask them for a lot
        Oh, they say I come with less
        Than I should rightfully possess
        I say, the more I buy, the more I’m bought
        And the more I’m bought, the less I cost

        [Chorus 2]
        And I’ve come to take their servants and their surplus
        And I’ve come to take their raincoats and their speed
        I’ve come to get my fill
        To ransack and spill
        I’ve come to take the harvest for the seed
        I’ve come to take the harvest for the seed

        [Verse 5]
        And I’ve come to know the manger that you sleep in
        I’ve come to be the stranger that you keep
        I’ve come from down the road
        And my footsteps never slowed
        Before we met, I knew we’d meet
        Before we met, I knew we’d meet

        [Verse 6]
        And I’ve come here to ignore your cries and heartaches
        I’ve come to closely listen to you sing
        I’ve come here to insist
        That I leave here with a kiss
        I’ve come to say exactly what I mean
        And I mean so many things
        [Chorus 3]
        And you’ve come to know me stubborn as a butcher
        And you’ve come to know me thankless as a guest
        Will you recognize my face
        When God’s awful grace
        Strips me of my jacket and my vest
        And reveals all the treasure in my chest?

        david poole

          I agree totally with your drive towards peace, I think this is what we should all be aiming for. I have tried to grapple with the subject of Buddhism but cannot completely understand it; maybe I have too much to be thinking about already. I think animism is something which I understand more keenly, and more intimately, although I do have a feeling for being in the moment.


            I feel that buddhism is also about acceptance, being able to accept the way the world is. And I am all for peace, and aboard that peace train. Still, the way it is going with global warming, there are going to be millions of deaths in 10 years time and the water is rising much faster than the governments are letting on. Many people will lose their homes and world wide starvation will take place. People have to educate themselves about what is causing global warming in order to stop it. And the reason for global warming is the Petrodollar. The petrodollar is a rule that all oil and gas must be bought and traded for in US currency. The value of the US currency is based on the petrodollar. Recently, China, has been trading petroleum in the Yuan. As you can guess, this devalues the US currency which is based on the petrodollar. No, gold does not back the US dollar or the British pound. Everything is backed by the price of the petrodollar. All the wars over the last 60 years have been fought over the petrodollar. If a country tries to trade petroleum in currency other than the US dollar, they will find themselves in a war and their government will be overrun, and a new government that will honor the U.S. currency petrodollar will replace them. So, as you can see, there is no incentive to stop using fossil fuels because it would collapse the world economy. First, the value of currency needs to be based on something other than the petrodollar. In dealing with people trying to hurt you. 1st secure your own safety, second call the police. and only use as much force as you need to to secure your own safety. I think we can all learn a lot from the buddhist, but we also must educate ourselves about what are the real motivations and drives behind global warming. We need to write a story of hope and one not of the apocalypse. Our dreams of a better world, our hope for the future, our vision of a clean and renewable energy world can come true, but following the christian story only leads to the end to time. Jesus is not coming back, and it is time we look after ourselves. We need to write new and hopeful bibles to follow, stories are powerful and create reality. I am against violence, but I am not against self defense, or standing up for yourself. Buddha thought for himself and did not follow the hinddu story. We all need to think for ourselves. The world will not end over a battle for the rights of the nation of Israel, but it will end if we do not do something about global warming.

            Dave TheDruid-3X3

              What GreyFalcon says is the sentiments I heard when I went to a Buddhist Temple called Shimbala Center and participated in their Chant of the Geyzar.



                emptiness, for a buddhist this word means that all things are connected, meaning all things are in relationship to each other, nothing is by itself. But people in the west see the word emptiness and think that buddhist think there is really nothing in the world when buddhist practice emptiness. Also, I have even heard people tell me, college professors no less, that the buddhist think all is nothing and that buddhist don’t have feelings. How wrong that college professor was. Buddhist do cry if something happens to their friends. Buddhist have feelings. Buddhist see a sense on oneness in the universe. They know that all things are constantly changing. The buddhist idea of soul is a little bit harder to understand. They do believe in reincarnation, but it is a bit confusing how they look at it. And I don’t really understand their views on it. I alway feel that the buddhist don’t get too hung up on things. And all the meditation that they do, must make it easy for them to experience the otherworld and other dimensions. The buddhist do have gods and goddesses but that is also complicated. Much of the buddhist religion is still a mystery to people in the west. Buddhism seems to be somewhat like Celtic Druidism but I think there are some real differences. I also like buddhism because it makes me aware that money is not everything. Still in this world money does talk and many people want money so that they will feel powerful. As druids our prayers and thoughts do change the world. We are going to all have to do what we can to stop global warming. All things are connected, follow the oneness, the wholeness. A great deal of Buddhism is about ending suffering, self suffering and the suffering of the people in the world. The eightfold path can help you to end your suffering. As druids I think we are very respectful and open to religions like buddhism and many druids incorporate some parts of buddhism into their practice.


                  The druids have always been the peacemakers. The druids would walk between two armies and stop the battles. Druids settle our disputes in a peaceful way. Blessed are the druids.Druids bring peaceful and spiritual resolutions to conflict.

                  Dave TheDruid-3X3

                    One Small Question:
                    Is GreyFalcon actually another Pseudonym for GreyWolf?



                      No, Greyfalcon is not Greywolf.Do not confuse the two. I took the name Greyfalcon after having a visit from a falcon, and I found the visit to be very spiritual. I took the falcon as my power animal. I think the visit from the falcon was from the Celtic otherworld. I have found the Celtic Gods and Goddesses often communicate with me in the form of birds. I alway see an owl before the death of anyone in my family. when I hear crows outside my house, I know it is a sign for me to sit tight that day and not go out if I don’t absolutely have to. It is always a warning sign of danger, a foretelling of the future. 3×3, it is my firm belief and I say that with all conviction that as a Celtic Druid I believe in the Celtic otherworld as a very real place. I think all druids, who are real Celtic druids, and not Neo-pagans, believe that there is a Celtic otherworld and that they can travel to it, and that it is a very real place. In fact, I don’t think a person can call himself or herself a Celtic druid if they do not believe in the Celtic otherworld. Greywolf has had spiritual experiences with a wolf and that is where I think he got his name, and I think a wolf is his power animal. But, people change, and you would have to ask him about that. I do not speak for Greywolf. I wake up each morning and remember, and tell myself, that the Celtic otherworld is very close to me, and is a part of my life. further, I believe in the faeries and have a lot of contact with the faery world. I hope you will experience the Celtic otherworld and become a true believer in its existence, because that is when you will know that you are a Celtic Druid, and not just a Neo-pagan. We will need to help of the Celtic otherworld to defeat the evil forces of the Global warming corporations. We must beat on our drums, and write our poems and stories, and sing our songs to stop the global warming legions. Stand up against these evil men who want to destroy our planet for their own profit. Do not be afraid of them. Make your voices heard against the global corporations that are heating up the planet and trying to bring an end to life on earth. there is hope and we must not role over and die. Our stories and songs and writing can change the world, and they can save the world.The black riders, the nazgul, are approaching and have been seen in the kingdoms. Mordor is filling the atmosphere with green house gases. And we must also make it illegal to patent seed. Seed is owned by nature not genetically modified food corporations. I am a Celtic druid who does have beliefs and convictions, and I am not a Neo-pagan.

                      Dave TheDruid-3X3

                        GreyFalcon Wrote: ” I hope you will experience the Celtic otherworld and become a true believer in its existence, because that is when you will know that you are a Celtic Druid, and not just a Neo-pagan. We will need to help of the Celtic otherworld to defeat the evil forces of the Global warming corporations. We must beat on our drums, and write our poems and stories, and sing our songs to stop the global warming legions. Stand up against these evil men who want to destroy our planet for their own profit. ”

                        Bobcat goes into that sort of thing in her ‘Living With Honor’ Book. I recall her writing about how there are all sorts of People who make the same statements at Druid Camps and then Drive Home in Luxury SUVs.

                        So from that, I have found that what you said is easy to say but Hard to put into Practice. I know because I drive a 98 Chevy Lumina that has a Slow Oil Leak. That makes me feel sort of Ashamed of myself especially since I used to be a Card Carrying Member of Canada’s Green Party.


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