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      Hello everyone,

      Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. Started the Bard training this year and am thoroughly enjoying it.

      I have never been much into Druidry or Paganism for that matter. Even though my wife is a long term practitioner, it never resonated with me.

      My practice is working with Sound both within and without. This means I started as a musician but found the Sound Within me that has been my guide for most of my life.

      I found Druidry when some friends started calling me, Sound Druid. Though the venture started as a joke, I immediately found the Awen and haven’t looked back.
      See my instagram for more details about what I do. @patBeck.sound

      Hailing from Philadelphia, PA in the states.
      Always ready to discuss just about anything related to sound or music. Appreciate being outdoors and walking.



        Hello there,

        Glad you’re finding the course rewarding – I did, too!

        Listen to the sound of the wind blowing across your flute, your guitar strings, or even a bottle … The notes of awen.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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