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      Hi , I’m new to BDO, from North Dorset UK 🙂 currently reading Greywolf’s book ‘Druidry’ which I’ve found a fascinating read so far, being in my 50’s I’ve always felt like I’ve had some sort of conection with druidry and a lot of what I’ve read seems to ring home with my life choices. I’m realy looking foward to my new journey through druidry and meeting some like-minded folk to help me on my way and hopefully make me a better person.


        Hi Fenick,
        Good to virtually meet you. Glad you’re liking the book. Being my own harshest critic, even I was quite pleased with how it came out!
        Many blessings,
        Greywolf /|\

        Dave TheDruid-3X3

          I did not know of Greywolf’s Book ‘Druidry’.

          I have read Bobcat’s ‘What Is Druidry’. Are they pretty much similar content?


          Joseph M-L

            Greetings Fenick – I’m only up the road in Somerset! Nice to meet you.

            I’ve just had my copy arrive this week too – looking forward to diving in over the Yule period


              Hey There,

              New around these parts too. Glad we’re both here.

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