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    Jack Emrallt

    Hi everyone! I have an issue to go on with the journey. I finish the bardic course and i will like to go on with the ovate course, but the website doesn’t allowed me to do that. It also seems not to be any bardic certification in the area. How can i do? Can somebody help me? I will be very greatful 🙂 thanks a lot /|\


    Hello there,

    Have you submitted your work to your tutor? Once your work has been appraised and approved, you should be able to obtain your certificate and then move on to the next course if you so wish.




    I have submitted my “Cell of Song”, can anyone tell me how long approval takes?
    Also what are the other pieces I have to submit?
    There are many exercises in the course and I found it a very long read, but its not obvious what else I have to submit.

    My cell of Song is not a great literary piece, however it is an honest account of experience.

    I emailed the tutors, but have not yet had a response.

    Kind Regards,
    Neil. /|\

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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