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    Amanda Gisby

      Morning all.

      Apologies for what looks like a morbid topic but I am looking for some additional guidance and some suggestions from you lovely people.
      I’ve been working on the ovate grade now for nearly two years as I been off down many a rewarding rabbit hole honing and finding many a new skill set.
      The one area that I feel needs more addressing for myself before I can think of progressing onto the druid grade is that on death and dying.

      I have worked through the course booklets a number of times but something is still not sitting right with me and I can’t put my finger on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on any additional books that may help?

      Blessings to you all

      Amanda x


        My personal opinion is one of the better people to look for more information around the subject of death and dying from a Druidry perspective is Kristoffer Hughes.

        I’ve heard him speak on the subject a couple of times because of his professional background. Have a look into his book “As the Last Leaf Falls: A Pagan’s Perspective on Death, Dying & Bereavement” and see if that explores the perspective of death you’re seeking.

        Another angle to take might be too look up “death doula” training.

        But… personally I see this work as relating more to the Druid. Of course each thread of Druidry is connected to the other, but I see the Ovate as more to do with bringing insight and healing, facilitating the living. The Druid bridges the awen between realms in a way that both the Bard and Ovate do not, and for me that is where working within the realities of death and dying resides.

        So I put the thought forward that maybe this is something you need to take with you when you’re ready to undergo the “final excersize” of the Ovate work.



          Good morning Amanda,

          This is one of those more profound questions, isn’t it? As Pete has said, too, it also relates perhaps just a little more to the Druid course. Nonetheless, it is an important question to consider for all of us. What is it exactly that isn’t sitting well with you?

          I think so much depends on one’s own world-view and ‘cosmology’ as well, thus my own outlook might not be of much use to you anyway.


          Amanda Gisby

            Dear all,

            Many thanks for your responses. I will definitely have a look into the work of Kristoffer Hughes and sit with this for a while before I take the final exercise on towards the druid grade, I can’t thank you enough for that.

            I wish I could put my finger on exactly what is not sitting right with me, maybe I am trying to complete a puzzle without all the pieces and mixing myself up. But what a wonderful exploratory path.

            Best wishes as ever

            Amanda x

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