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    You may have arrived here having just read my previous post with regard to difficulties meditating. If you just happened to open it, then read on – this is a pleasant exercise for anyone to have in their arsenal.

    Settle yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, and relax. Imagine that you have a tap in the bottom of each of your feet. If you open those taps, all the tensions and worries of the day can pour away. If too many thoughts are interrupting your relaxation, focus on each one for a moment then put it in a box and close the lid. When every pestering thought has been put in the box, put it away somewhere for later. All those thoughts will still be there if you need them(!)
    So, open those taps now and notice how all your tensions are slowly pouring out. Starting with your head, everything that is preventing you from focusing is gently running away through the taps in your feet. Gradually this continues down your neck and shoulders. Notice how clear your head, neck and shoulders feel. Keep the taps open as this clarity moves down your body and into your legs. Finally when all the troublesome feelings have poured away, you can close the taps.
    You may not have noticed, but while the tensions were pouring away, something else was replacing them. Awen was flowing into you from the top of your head, chasing away and replacing every tiny anxiety you felt. When you closed the taps your whole being was full with Awen.

    Now when you’re ready, slowly let yourself rise from this beautiful state and use that Awen whilst you have it!

    In this exercise you can replace Awen with anything of your choice. Try filling yourself with a pink mist that flows into you from the top of your head. What do you experience?

    Of course you can just use this method to enter the meditative state and switch your focus to anything you like. Or simply float there and wait for whatever comes.
    I hope this proves helpful to some of you. Most of all ENJOY.

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