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      Here is my recipe for making an herbal tea that may be helpful at fighting flu and colds.
      I know it works for me, and helps me get over the flu and colds. The reason it works is because
      The herbs in the tea have a spiritual power and spiritual presence and consciousness. The flu and cold viruses also have a spiritual presence and consciousness. The flu and cold viruses do not like the spiritual power that is in the herbs and do not want to be around the spiritual energy of the herbs, and that is how herbal tea works.The herbs have a conscious life force. Some druids call this Nwyfre. Nwyfre is as good a name as any, and this is what the good folk, the faeries, live off of. So, if you make this tea be sure to drink it as soon as it cools down because if you leave it out overnight the faeries will drink up, and take all of the Nwyfre out of the tea. You may want to leave a cup out for the faeries because they love it, but never leave whisky or beer out for the faeries because drunk faeries can get up to all kinds of mischief. And don’t think I am trying to be funny, because I am not, I am not joking around. So, if I say I just saw a baby dragon, I mean it. I know some druids don’t believe in anything that they cannot take a picture of, but I am not sending pictures of dragons and unicorns because the magical world frowns on that type of exposure. And then there are the druids that think all the druid lore is just myth. I am not one of those druids. I am the kind of druid who knows that the faeries, and dragons, and trolls, and giants, and the Celtic gods and goddesses are as real as you and I are. The otherworld is there, Respect it.

      The Recipe for Startrees’s magical herbal tea

      Take one large mug and put two bags of Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time tea in it, also put two bags of Celestial Seasonings Very Cherry Berry tea in it, and add two tea bags of Celestial Seasonings green tea, honey lemon ginseng. Pour boiling water into the tea mug and when the tea is cool enough to drink, remove tea bags and drink up.

      david poole

        This is a wonderful idea, thank you Startree. Honey is very good for coughs and colds, and is an excellent alternative to sugar. I would rather use honey than sugar anyway. I think that the flavinoids that come in tea are generally good for you at any time.

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