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      Fear and anxiety,

      Anxiety comes from fear, so people want to go along with tradition in order to not be afraid. They follow tradition and think that everything will be alright. But tradition gets old and dies if it
      Is not constantly changing. The druid movement just about died in the 1940’s because the druids of that time were following tradition. The druid movement only came back when Ross Nichols change the tradition in the 1950s and turned druidism into a return to nature over its dead tradition of being about nationalism. The medical industry makes lots of money selling anxiety drugs and tells people if you just take these drugs everything will be ok. All of this makes people afraid to question authority or their leaders. So, the hucksters just keep telling people the same lies and tell people if they follow tradition that everything will be okay. Don’t rock the currach. Plus, remember, people like history professors make their money and get their security from not rocking the currach. But Anxiety and fear can only be overcome by facing fear and anxiety.
      Accepting fear and anxiety is the answer, not trying to hide from it, or be silenced by it. But people go on and gang up, and say that we will keep following this dead tradition and we will be safe from fear and anxiety. Plus, people become insecure if someone challenges their beliefs. And insure people are dangerous. In contrast, druids rock the currach and are not bound by dead tradition. We laugh at fear and anxiety, while facing the truth of life. We are secure in knowing that the spirit of the Celtic gods and goddesses is all around us and interwoven with our lives. We are secure in our relationships with nature. We are not afraid to rock the currach.


        note: post should read and insecure people are dangerous, not insure people are dangerous. The computer program went in and changed it. Could computers be alive and conscious? Are computers plotting against us? Are they trying to make us insecure?

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