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      on an afterthought, I once walked into a faery bar down in New Orleans, and the bar was not there the next night when I came back. Doors appear and close in the faery world all the time.


        Hail Atlantis, some folks think that Atlantis is not real, they are wrong. Atlantis is part of the Celtic Otherworld. and what happens in Atlantis stays in Atlantis. and mermaids are real. If the windows of perception are clean, so get some windex.

        david poole

          I think that faeries can sometimes appear as animals, I have sometimes encountered animals behaving in odd ways and wondered whether something might be going on. Of course some of these might be animal spirits from a higher plane, or visions, it can be hard to tell. I think that the faeries interact with animals and probably have a better relationship with them than we do. I was wondering whether faeries create crop circles. I have seen videos where crop circles are created by flying lights and wondered whether this might be the faeries at work.


            Good work David, yes I think that faeries could be behind the crop circles. Also, I once saw a floating orange ball of light out it the country. It was floating in the woods and it seem to acknowledge that it knew I saw it. The dogs went crazy barking at it. These orbs of light may me a way the faeries travel. And yes there are lots of stories of faeries taking the form of animals, especially birds. But, it they are shapeshifters, then they could take the shape of anything, even rocks. The main problem that most people have is in even believing that such things could exist. We have been told by mass media and society that faeries are nonsense and for children. also, once you start believing faeries are not real, then it can get you a wee bit crazy to find out that they are. For many people it is just too much to take so the just think about how to make more money in the stock market, or some other investment scheme, like cutting down all the trees on their land and selling the wood for profit, or fracking their land. Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today, but they are giving none away. Pink Floyd, Back to faeries, so I think faeries like to stay hidden and don’t like people knowing that they are real, and there are countless stories of people being blinded by the faeries if the faeries find out that they know they are real. Now this is one of the advantages of being a druid, because druids have protection from the faeries, because we are the interface for them. Once the faeries know you are a druid, they will treat you differently than they treat other humans. And one more thing, Santa Clause is real, and he is a faery, and that is how he can get so small that he can get down a chimney. And then get real big and walk around going ho, ho, ho. I saw his sleigh and the tiny reindeer one Christmas. Plus faeries travel really really fast. like in the blink of an eye. They are in a dimension that is right next to ours, and they have a lot to do with nature, and the changing of the leaves, and all kinds of nature stuff. Also there seems to be a difference between the faeries and the Celtic Gods and Goddesses. And each garden has a faery that protects it. But I really like the idea of the crop circles, I mean think about it. why would ufos leave crop circles, there really is no reason, but the faeries may be mad at people like Monsantos and their Frankenstein corn, and be sending a message that they don’t like Monsantos fooling around with Mother Nature. Now that makes sense. David, you seem to have a natural affinity for this stuff. Best The Spellcaster

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