Embarking on the Bardic course

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    Here I am, embarking on the Bardic course. I thought I’d make my first offering, so here it is –

    I hear your singing in the stillness of the night
    Silvered moonlight Grove
    Of Beith, Huath, Nuin and Tinne,
    Coll and Duir – Mighty Oak, Guardian of all
    Sing of Raven, Rook, Robin and Wren,
    Blackbird, Nightingale and Owl
    Of ancestors who have sheltered ‘neath your boughs
    Of Squirrel, Rabbit, Wood Mouse, Brock and Red-Brush Fox
    Sheltered there now.
    Sing of Adder, Beetle and Earthworm
    Mushroom, Moss, Nettle and Fern.

    Awen flows like honey from your Sacred Heart.

    Sing to me, sing to me,
    Let others hear your songs.

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