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      Druids often call themselves priests, but priests of what and for who? I think that the Druids were the priest of the faery tribes, of the faery gods and goddesses, and there is a close link between the druids and the faeries. It was not that the druids could not write things down, it was that the faeries, in all of their wisdom, knew that it was better to leave things unwritten, because the magic could be turned on the faeries if it got into the wrong hands. So, all of the druid knowledge that every Neo-pagan says is lost, is not lost, it just is being kept safe with the faeries. And don’t think of the world faery as meaning some fluttery sylph. The faery race is quite powerful, and many of them can look like humans, but without all the flaws. They are a beautiful race who the druids have had a relationship for centuries. And I even go so far as to say it was the faeries, with the help of the proto druids that built Stonehenge and Newgrange. that is all faery magic. Again, do not be fooled by that the word faery is child’s fantasy. So, when you say you are a druid priest, I ask you, what are you a priest for or of? Is it some Neo-pagan fantasy, or a priest of the Celtic Gods and goddesses, who are of the faery race? The faeries have taught man and woman, poetry, song, and the arts. They are the ones who gave the Celts civilization. As druids, we are in a symbiotic relationship with the faeries, and I swear by the earth that this is true. BlueFalcon

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