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      it is ironic that the peace, sex and rock n rollers of the 70s chose the druids who were head hunters, torturers, and sacrificers of humans, to be the group that they would form into a Neo pagan religion. and magically, the druids were transformed into peace loving, nature worshiping, minions, that were nothing like the priest of the Celtic tribes. the Celtic tribes head hunted, sacrificed their victims to the Celtic war gods every time the Celts had a victory, and would think up all kinds of cruel ways to torture anyone who went against Celtic law, kind of like modern day judges impose inhuman penalties on the ones they judge. and this is why I argue that the real druids were of the clan of the tuatha de Danaan, and had contact with the good folks who listen their spirts to higher consciousnes. it was the evil druids that fought the romans, and like all karma, the evil druids lost and made a run for Ireland and Scotland, where they were so evil and fearsome that the romans would not dare to tangle with them. But the real druids were kind and loving and one with nature, and these were and are the druids of tuatha de Danaan, and many of us have faery blood in us, we are the people of the otherworld, and our druidry is timeless. and I wonder why the obod is so secretive, and wonder if they are following the real druids, or the druids who were the priest of head hunters, torturers and human sacrificers. either way it is ironic that the long haired hippy folk of the 70s chose druids, they must have been thinking of the Stories of authur or the nationalism of Iolo’s group who were incorporating druidry with christianity, a strange brew, and the stupidest idea I have ever heard is that christ came to England and walked all about, right, that sounds like something a suppressed blocked compartimentalizied drunk person would come up with after, drinking too much whisky, and not being able to face reality, and wanting to combine christianity with druidry, because he just could not accept the reality of the Celtic Otherworld that was whispering in his ear. druids at one time put people in wooden cages and lit them on fire. druids had buildings with heads on stakes all around the place for decoration, and used magic to kill people with. Still, the real druids of the tuatha de Danaan were loving and kind. there is such thing as karma, and people were glad to toss the evil druids out when christianity got to Ireland and Scotland, because it is against all good things to be as evil as the Irish and Scottish druids had become, but this is not the end of the story, and the time of the good druids has come. we are rising, we are trying to let people know what druidry of the tuatha de Danaan is about. we are not living back in the mist, we are the mist, we are the magic, and we are not the followers of odin and his wolf and his scrying runes, and his ravens that watch the followers of tribe, the tribe of the the trickster odin. those who keep secrets are those that have something to hide. the druids of the tuatha de Danaan do not hide, we are of the light, we are the peacemakers, and want to reunite people with the true relationship of people, nature and the earth, hail the tuatha de Danaan, hail Danu, the goddess, and hail, the gods and goddesses of the tuatha de danann. live in love and light, and happiness, with out the fear. Best William

      david poole

        Thank you William that is well spoken.


          Hi David, as always I feel like I get excited about things and come on too strong, please forgive me, it is just I do feel the Celtic Gods and goddesses in my life, and I have had experiences with the tuatha de Danaan, and they even helped me to stop smoking cigarettes because they think that the power of clean air and breath is so important to life. I find great love and inspiration in druidry, but please remember, that this is only my experience and it is important that each druid find their own way in druidry, and there are many ways to be a druid. and there were also other races of faeries like the formorians. I do think the gods and goddesses of the tuatha de Danaan are more brythonic, but wow, the more I learn, the more I am amazed at druidry. and there are so many wonderful and really intelligent people in druidry, and so many are so kind and nice. and I just think that the BDO is a good place for druids to be when talking online, because I feel we don’t have the occasionally mean people that some sites draw. my bear hunting bow got here today, and I am excited about learning about bow hunting, however, I am not sure if I could ever really kill a deer, probably not, it would break my heart, but I can enjoy target practice. best William

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