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      There is a difference between druid spiritual power, and magic, or what is called natural magic, that the witches use. Natural magic uses the ley energy of the land and natural magic of plants and herbs along with visualization to direct energy. In contrast druid spiritual power comes from the old relationship that druids have with the Celtic Gods and goddesses and the faery people. Druid spiritual power has the power to heal, and help a community. On the other hand, most neo pagans have the view of a druid as a Merlyn character, or Taliesin character, characters or archetypes that represent natural magic. Druidry is much more than that, and druidry is not witchcraft. There is a huge difference because druidry has a spiritual relationship with the Celtic gods and goddesses and druids receive the full spiritual force of these gods and goddesses. Even the druids morals and ethics come from the Celtic gods and goddesses. And when the Scottish and Irish and English who live in Britain near Newgrange lost their way when they lost their communion with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses. Chieftains like Lord Sutherland in Scotland threw his clan members off the clan land only after Sutherland lost his communion with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses and the Faery clans. Then we have modern neo pagans like Carr Gomm who write books like druidcraft and argue that witchcraft is very similar to druidry. I disagree with that neo pagan view, and argue that Druidry is a spiritual way of life, and that the druid spiritual power comes for the old gods of druidry, gods and goddesses who are now reaching out to us to form new relationships with them. I also argue that druidry is not medieval re-enacting, or some neo pagan psychology. Druids need to form deeper relationships with the Celtic Clan culture, and the Celtic gods and goddesses if we are to have the real spiritual powers that real druids have. We are not in a video game. We are in real life where our fellow druids have real problems, like cancer, or divorce, or sickness of the soul, and as druids we need to reach out to our spiritual sources for healing. I would even go so far as to say awen is a spiritual force, like a strong wind, that comes from the Celtic Gods and Goddesses.

      A thousand Blessing, Bluefalcon


        I can strongely recommend you to read this book: The World of the Gauls, Foundation(s) of a Celtic Philosophy by Antón Bousquet. No fluffy, flowery “how to” book, but a very profound examination of the worldview and the Gods of ancient Gaul. The basis is formed by the three realms of Dubnos, Bitu and Albios. Check out the table of contents on Amazon. In my humble opinion one of the best books on Celtic Polytheism.


          Dear Dannorix

          I looked at the preview on amazon of that book and it looks very interesting, and thank you for suggesting the book. While I was looking at the preview, I started to become aware that the druidry that the book was talking about was what I call Gaulish druidry, which was practiced from Rome to France to Germany. And the chief god of Gaulish druidry is Cernunnos. As I understand it, this form of druidry sees the underworld as a dark place. Then, there is another kind of Druidry practiced in southern Brittan, which I call Norse Druidry. It is the druidry of the wyrd, destiny, an Anglo-Saxon druidry. And then there is the druidry of Ireland and Scotland, the Tuatha de Danann druidry, And this is the druidry of the faeries and the underworld being full of light, like R. J. Stewart writes about. A Thousand Blessings BlueFalcon

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