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      I find that I pray several times a day. I always pray before I get in a car, and that has led to some weird situations, but it does work, and keeps me safe. I know that the Celtic Gods and Goddesses can hear the prayers. I wonder what Celtic Gods and Goddesses think about cars, and computers. And what kind of car does Ceridwen drive. Is it a magic bus? Anyway, the gods and goddesses are always around and can hear our prayers. Also, when I pray, I add in as many gods and goddesses that I feel can help. the more the better is the way I see it. And then at the end of my prayers, I alway add , And I am always grateful. I think that is better than an amen, or a so mote it be. The prayers really work for me. I also say prayers for family members and friends, and I think it has helped many of them stay out of trouble or not get hurt. So, there will never be a day that I don’t say prayers because praying is a part of druidry. And the angels are non denominational. When we become druids a big light goes on in the sky announcing to the whole universe that another druid has arrived. Further, I have no problem in believing in other religions, but I don’t mix the two. The main reason for this is that Certain religions don’t like the druids or the witches, and I have found that it is best just to keep the druid religion separate. Right now though I guess all religions can work if given a chance, but at the same time all religions have stupid idiots in them who can make the religion evil, or use it for evil ends like making a lot of money off of it. Still, if a religion is practiced in the right way, I don’t see why it can’t be as good as any other religion. Now, I hate to bring this up, but if the christians did practice good stewardship, then the world would bee a greener place. It seems like a lot of the rain forest in Brazil is being cut down and turned into cattle and soybean farms. And this is not a good thing. And further, a lot of world corporations are funding all of this. And this also includes a lot of world banks. I wonder how much the Bank of England has a had in this. I saw some stuff that seems to suggest Bank of America has a hand in this. I will be withdrawing my funds from bank of America next week. Now in the jungles, whoever has a 50 caliber machine gun rules the river and the roads, so a lot of people are getting hurt if they try to stop the trees from getting cut down. And this is all happening really really really fast. Plus I don’t think there is all that much lithium in the world. Lithium is the stuff they make the electric car batteries out of, and they get it from Australia and have found some down around Atlanta Georgia in America. Plus, what is the stuff that they make solar panels from. I mean that stuff could work. It it some rare metal. I need to find out. I talked to some people about fracking and they said it was safe, but I am not sure to believe them or not. We have a lot of fracking going on now in Virginia, and the state assures me it is perfectly safe. I wonder. I understand that people need to make a living, but is it really safe? I do think that if you want to be safe, you should pray. And always remember that the gods and goddesses can hear prayer and song and poetry. Maybe that is the chief ways we communicate with them, and one of the druids jobs was to interface with the gods and goddesses. This summer in Va is really hot. But I spend most of my time indoors studying illustrator. I figure it will take me about 6 months to learn illustrator, and then about 6 months to learn photoshop, and then another 6 months to lear indesign, and then learn animator. There are lots of videos out there on the subject. And I try to go walking each day, just to get out in nature. I really miss all the pagan gatherings that are not going on this summer. Well maybe next year, but I feel like it will be more like 2 years. And I also think things are going to get worse before they get better. I wish you all well, and don’t forget to pray. Give it a go. It really works. Best The Spellcaster

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