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      DRUIDS are happy people because we do not have limiting beliefs that tell us that we can’t do something. The whole druid movement is a human potential movement. And yes we druids are joyful people. We are transformed by identifying our limiting beliefs and overcoming them. It is a feeling of being connected and intimate with nature. Druidry transforms us, transforms us back to our real connectedness with nature, our oneness with the source, and an exploration of a better and healthier and more natural lifestyle, full of more energy and less worry.


        there is a shift every 10 years that happens in the five. meaning the 60s change was between 65 and 75. then we had social repression from 75 to 85 with the disco duckers, then we had social violence from 85 to 95 with the rappers, which just got worse and worse. during these times shamanism was dead, and only kept barley alive in the pagan community. 95 to 2005 was the age of the beginning of the internet, and 2005 to 2015 was the age of the synthesizers, the social repression is now beginning to lift, and the age of the shaman is returning. We are in for a wild ride of the astral. I hope the druids are ready, for we will be called on to help guide the new psyche, the ancient wisdom of shamanism. I think it is too late for the pendulum to swing back and a real new age is beginning. Watch for it, it starts very soon. In the year 2525. soon pagan ideas will be the norm, not the weird. pagan membership is just about to really take off. Can you buy stock in the BDO? and get ready for the news that the aliens from outer space are not just swamp gas, we will be rediscovering the magic and power of the druids, I think it will be a better world, I am ready, see you on the astral planes, and hold on to your meditation cushions. and guess what we have been right all the time,


          druids don’t have self limiting beliefs, but some druids have elf limiting beliefs,


            the blue phase shift is the cosmic shift that raises and changes cosmic consciousness, some thought the blue phase shift would start in 2000, but again it will start in 2025, and the age of Aquarius is starting, so relax, turn off your mind and float down stream, we are now getting ready, and this time we are not walking the shaman path without some knowledge of it, and this is not a another crypt trip. imagine, it is easy if you try, I think about 15 minutes of meditation a day should get you going and open the doors to the akashic. but take your time and reflect on what you want to do, note by note, breath by breath, go easy on yourself, there is no more golden rule, just empathy, which makes more sense.


              learning works best when it is joyous, be happy, love, live, love the morning, afternoon, and night, approach the world with love and joy, expanding consciousness, christ consciousness, Merlin consciousness, Taliesin consciousness,


                What would your life look like if you got everything you wanted and all your positive dreams came true?


                  Name 5 things you value as a druid?

                  1. stopping global warming
                  2. no rules
                  3. nature
                  4. Celtic Otherworld
                  5. Celtic Music

                  david poole

                    Your list of ideas Startree is approximately what I was referring to in another post when we were discussing principles. These are things that you believe in and want, without there being a guru or leader or a set of rules to tell us what to do.


                      but think about it David, what if things are based on values and not principles or rules. so being a druid is not about following 10 commandments or the golden rule, or even guide lines or principles, but based on values, as in what do you value, and that could be the base of how you live your life, and it leaves room to be flexible like a swinging bridge, like I value tolerance towards all religions, but I also value the individual soul and spirit. it may seem subtle, but there is a huge difference, and what you value will lead you to experience different things, as if all you value is being rich, then that is fine, but it is going to make you have a life that is different from a person who values having time to walk in the woods, or becoming a really good piano player, there is real liberation in knowing what you value so that other people don’t just walk over you, like I value not messing with stuff if it doesn’t concern me, and it can be about qualities like empathy instead of the golden rule. values are a different way of living life. and I think it allows a person to be free. even a nation is better off if people are allowed to live there lives on values and not rules. Rules are just authoritarian, and dictators love them. Rules turn us into robots and not humans. it is like a cat that values its catness and loves being a cat. Values allow us to find our own path. I think a lot of problems come when people value the wrong things. I would rather have trees and clean air and water than a lot of the stuff that is factory made. I think decisions based on values are the way to go.

                      david poole

                        I think that you are right Startree and I like the values which you have, I am trying to grapple with an issue which I only partially understand which I find a little difficult to express. You have expressed your answer in a way which I find to be very clear and easy to understand.


                          David I wonder how much difficulties we get into as druids in trying to mix lots of different traditions because I think this just confuses the gods and goddesses, and we also have problems because druidry does not really seem to be all onboard with any one tradition, in fact, I feel the obod encourages mixing up everything, which just causes a lot of spiritual and psychological confusion. I mean the Celtic Gods don’t know who we are trying to contact for help when we throw in Wiccan, traditional witchcraft and all kinds of forms of druidry and try to contact them for help, many obod are into Egypt and god knows what else, so I just think it is asking for big trouble to be worshiping and working with multiple gods, from buddha to Genesh to Thoth. And I feel real confused about how to practice druidry with so many different styles, and I don’t find it helpful at all. I value my sanity, and when every god and goddess gets in the mix, like the obod seems to call for, then it gets very insane. t


                            Christ consciousness is the understanding that divinity is in all of us, and it takes patience, surrender, acceptance and forgiveness as a way to find this divinity that is in each of us, an opening of the heart to love, opening to the wisdom of each day, present in the moment. When the Christians got to the UK they forever married christ consciousness with druidry, and it is the christ consciousness that the druids easily related to, allowing Christians to become mystical, and not tied down by the dead weight of a threatening god. The Christians entered the druid world when they set down the druid stories with ink and quill. Christ consciousness is not the same thing as Christianity. I think of it as the mystical teachings of christ without the baggage of the desert caravan, or the fearful tyrannical god of Jehovah. Druidry, being an intuitive understanding of the spirit in nature and ourselves. Q


                              I always thought all the Celtic animal art and letter art that is all interconnected came from the Celts, but no, I was wrong, all of that art comes from the Viking influence and the knot work art appears after the Viking invasion of 800 AD. And moves on to 1150 AD. But the spirals and diamonds were used in Lindisfarne as early as 575 Ad. And going back the double spirals and diamond patterns were at Newgrange, but these designs were used as power amplifiers to increase the ley line power circuit and sun and star circuit, which is a warning to all druids that when you use magic to transform your life you are using mighty powers that hold the universe together in orbits, so be careful, magic is not for children and in effects many things and people when you cast a spell, just something to think through before you get your wand out. This all makes me wonder about how much the Vikings had in the role of druidry. Were there Viking druids? And was the celtic art all fantasy art? Some of the animals in the art work are, wolves, birds, deer, and dragons. The druids thought that putting animal artwork on an object like a sword gave the sword the attributes of the animal. I feel the knotwork was done to show how all things are interconnected, and it is fun to look at because details feed the eyes. I know lots of neo pagans don’t believe in faeries and dragons, but that is just because they have not opened their eyes to the energy in the world. I suggest you start off just imagining a blue white ball of energy and go from there, and remember energy flows from where attention goes. Pick up a holly leaf and really look at the detail and color, even better draw it with ink and watercolor. Best Q


                                I always thought all the Celtic animal art and letter art that is all interconnected came from the Celts, but no, I was wrong, all of that art comes from the Viking influence and the knot work art appears after the Viking invasion of 800 AD. And moves on to 1150 AD.

                                I’m afraid that’s not right. The traditions of indigenous Northern European art are very complex. What many people today consider “Celtic Art” is in actual fact Insular Art, which is a combination of Celtic, principally Irish/Gaelic, and Anglo-Saxon art, for this reason it’s also known Hiberno-Saxon. Nevertheless, the Celtic elements in this art can be traced far further back to La Tène styles, which themselves blended ancient traditions that may have come down from the late Stone Age with later elements of Greek and Etruscan art – peoples with whom the Celtic peoples traded.

                                Naturally, all of these ancient peoples traded with each other and influences spread, much like the famed knotwork of Insular Art, they interlace and weave intricately, so you can find elements combining that come from as far afield as Scythian territory and southern Russia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.


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