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    does anyone else work with the divination cards created by phillip and stephanie carr gomm, i am thinking of the druidcraft tarot, the druid animal oracle and the druid plant oracle? divination is a large area that i am just starting to explore. i have had some results with some simple readings which i thought were very telling and accurate, with all three of these sets. i would like to ask someone with greater knowledge for assistance please. thank you.



    Yes! I use the Druid Craft Tarot for my reading deck. I do prefer Tarot to Oracles, because of the structure. Ultimately they are just tools or languages – the reason your readings were telling and accurate will be as much about the way you approached them as about the cards themselves, but it helps to have a set that speaks to you and I really love Will Worthington’s art!



    I have the first two decks on your list, but I mainly bought them for the art and the nice little snippets of info and stories in the books. For divination I mainly use runes, and also the Weavers Oracle. I do draw an animal card sometimes, on special occasions.
    I’ve developed a very deep relationship with the runes over many years of regular use, so my own suggestion to others tends to be, pick one tool (deck of cards, set of runes etc) that you feel a real affinity with, and work pretty much solely with that for a good period of time, so that you can build a deep relationship with that particular system and process.
    The learning you get from the depth of this relationship will then be applicable to other forms of divination down the line.
    That’s just my own bias, or course 😉



    Hello Anonymous! Well someone has gifted me one of their decks and I have wrapped it and put it away until I feel I should take it out and use it. I had a good feeling about it, but none the less, I generally do not use these unless I am a guest and someone brings it out. When I have used decks, they have been, for the most part, positive experiences and quite accurate. I have been drawn more to dreams and prayers and visions. That sort of thing. But I am open to the idea and looking forward to working with them. Once done the Bardic Course content, I would like to purchase the BDO deck and work with it while I am doing the Ovate Course. I am interested to see what people have to say about this process and the BDO deck as well.
    Will follow the conversation.

    ~ Jamie



    the decks are worth persisting with i have gained some positive results from using them. i would say that the druidcraft tarot is perhaps the most powerful and effective of all the oracle decks, with the others producing useful but more definitely positive results. i would say buy the druidcraft first, it is similar to standard tarot decks and works more or less in the same way.


    Rhianna Nodens

    I have all three of these decks, too, and while I don’t use any decks all that much, I do love them all. I particularly like the way, in the DruidCraft Tarot, they have an explanation of each of the numbers before they tell you the specifics for that number in each suit. It really helps you get to understand the meanings of the cards, so you can then pick up any other deck and use it well.

    With any new deck, I would recommend spending some time meditating with each card, finding out what it means for you and how it resonates. Whether you take them in order or pick a random one every time is up to you and how you work best, but it’s a great way to both connect with your deck and get to know what the cards mean.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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