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      I recently started working with the Coelbren Alphabet, most likely an invention by our friend Iolo and now unearthed again by John Michael Greer. It’s an absolutely fascinating system and the idea of sound-symbolism strikes me as deeply Druidic. To give an example : The name Pi, magpie. Its meaning is pushing, penetrating, springing or putting forth; a protrusion or prominence, sharpness, convexity. Sound symbolism: Speak the name of the letter Pi aloud, and feel the way that the breath presses against the lips until it pushes its way through.
      This sudden breaktrough of the breath gives the letter its sound symbolism of pushing through, penetrating and thrushing. The divinatory meaning points to a sudden change or a break through. For more, check out Greers book: The Coelbren Alphabet, The Forgotten Oracle of the Welsh Bards.

      Beech Nut

        I have John Michael Greer’s book. It does resonate! The Barddas is a good place for info too I found.

        david poole

          John Michael Greer is an interesting writer who has a regular blog at He has written many books including science fiction and horror fiction. He runs his own Druid order in America the AODA. From what I have seen his paganism appears to take a more ritual, ceremonial magical approach and the books which he has written on Druidry appear to be like this. His Druidry Handbook is quite useful.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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