Celtic Flute for Beginners

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      Dear Fellow Bards in Training,

      I have long wanted to learn to play a rustic wooden Celtic flute and considering composing something as part of the coursework.

      I am a complete novice however with next to no experience playing any musical instrument so I am looking for a type of flute that is easy for beginners. Could anyone please recommend somewhere to buy a good wooden Celtic flute and perhaps also some books or online courses to start with.

      Thank you!

      Peace and All Good Things,



        Ah upon further research I decided that starting with a Celtic whistle is a better place to start for a total beginner 🙂 I found one from McNeela that looks good!


          Good luck!

          I agree, the whistle is probably ‘easier’ to start with unless you already have experience as a flautist. I have some experience with the flute and it is not the easiest instrument to get into, if any instrument is anyway, but I would add that the breathing and blowing techniques for the traditional flute, and whistle, require practice, so ready yourself for that.

          Anyway, give it a go – what’s to lose?


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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