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      In my opinion the OBODIANS and the ADFIANS are neo pagans and not Celtic Druids. Neo pagan doctrine is that anything goes and it is all good, man. Neo pagans follow a one world religion, and I don’t see anything wrong with this if that is what you want to follow, but neo pagans are not Celtic Druids. Look, druid doctrine has a belief in reincarnation, so a druid could reincarnate in this life as an American Indian, or an Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Chinese person, so anyone can become a Celtic druid. And before I go any further, let me make it clear, it is very important not to use the word cult when talking about any group, because the world cult demonize a group. Alright, and I also want to make it clear when I talk about a Celtic Druid, I am not referring to a person who is a nationalist. A Celtic druid is a person who has the Celtic gods and goddesses as the godhead pantheon that they relate too. And a Celtic druid follows the Celtic myths and has relationships with the Celtic faery race and Celtic otherworld. So, that should be simple enough as a definition of a Celtic Druid. In Contrast, Neo pagans incorporate all kinds of gods and goddesses from all over the world in their doctrine of belief, and some neo pagans are clearly atheist—it is an anything goes world view. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with what they believe, but I don’t think that what they follow is Celtic Druidry. So, when neo pagan groups label themselves as druids, it really confuses the general public about what a Celtic druid is. I am interested in hearing other druids view on this subject as long as they are constructive views and not just venomous attacks on how I see Celtic Druidry. Ad Hominem arguments are never constructive, and only serve to make a negative environment. Celtic Druids like myself, find great peace and love of nature in the Celtic druid religion, it is a spiritual way of life for us. We stress that all people be treated with respect and kindness. Further, my views are Wolfmas, not catmas or dogmas. A Wolfma is a self-belief that is worth defending, it is like a moma wolf, bark, (Wolf) That lets you know, hey, I am alright with you as long as you don’t mess with me or my wolf cubs, we all have a right to live in harmony and peace along with each other, and we all have a right to believe what we want to believe. No one should ever try to force or use peer pressure to force their beliefs on another person.


        I was outside yesterday, standing under two great holly trees when from a dead stillness a great wind arose. I new immediately that it was the air sylphs playing with us, so I just set
        up a protective bubble around me and my friend. And I think that the hollies helped with the energy of the protective bubble because the energy appeared purple to me. But then agin,
        the wind arose so suddenly and so strong that I did not have time to think about what color the protective bubble should be. While the wind was shaking all the trees and was very loud,
        inside the protective bubble it was perfectly still and very peaceful. Another example of this is when I was in the grocery store the other day and I was standing on line. A very rough
        mean man wanted something in my isle and brushed right up against me to get it. On his way back, I set up a protective bubble around me, and the man kept his distance as he walked around
        the protective bubble made of light energy. But this is something that most Neo pagans know how to do, and really is nothing new to being a Celtic Druid. The Neo pagan religion is a earth based
        region, meaning it is religion where its members are aware of the earth energy and interact with it. So, in many instances there is no need to have gods or goddesses involved in earth based
        magic and this is one of the reasons that the Neo pagans are on the rise. The other reason is the World Wide Web. I just don’t think that the old abrahamic religions will hold as the global
        warming starts rising the waters. And we Celtic druids know that the waters will rise very high, high enough to cover the lochs, because we have Celtic druid prophecy that says it will. The large corporations
        are already buying the high land in Colorado, and millions and millions will die as the water quickly starts to rise. In 30 years it will be very apparent in places like Florida that global warming
        is real, and it may be too late to stop it. Plus much of the rain forest is being cut down. And don’t forget to look up what the petrodollar is if you don’t know what it is. So, I can see how many people are turning to Neo Pagan groups. And we have to add in technology, that has not
        been invented yet that might make it possible for the government to read our thoughts. This idea is not so SciFi anymore. I do think that the Fluoride in the water was put in by the government so as
        to make people easier to control, and not vital fluids, like in Dr. Strangelove. but there is hope, Because the Celtic Druids can change the world dream, the otherworld, as above so below. WE have
        to start rewriting the astral story, the cosmic story. The eight festivals celebrating the turn of the sun does help and are becoming more and more important to honor. I am not against the neopagans, I am just wondering
        how different they are from the Celtic Druids because I do not think we are the same thing, even though we have many things in common. And it is not possible to make and informed decision on whether a group
        is a neo pagan group or a Celtic Druid group until all of the groups training material has been reviewed. If you have been a member of the OBOD, I want to know if you think they are a Neo pagan group or a Celtic
        Druid group. The Neo pagan groups are hidden in secrecy and it is difficult to know what they believe or don’t believe. Are they working for a one world order as they say all are welcome? I will end this post
        with a Celtic Druid health advisory, you need to get a water filter that will take the fluoride out of your tap water. You will find that after you have gotten the fluoride out of your body, you will start to think
        clearer and not be such a pushover. Also, stop smoking and get somewhere where the air is clean if you can. Clean air and pure water are important in magic. Druids don’t smoke because it is the worst thing
        they can do for themselves. Druidry is about making your life better, and you can start with clean air and water. Also get off drugs, lie crack and meth, if you are dependent on them. Drug abuse usually comes
        from some deep hurt you have had in life, and the drugs numb the pain. But it is better to shine a light on what has caused the pain, than to keep numbing it out of consciousness. Goddesses speed. Star Tree

        david poole

          I think that OBOD is a neopagan group but I don’t think that that aspect is pushed very hard on either the course or in their videos, one is simply encouraged to participate in very gentle, spiritual exercises which is absolutely fine, this is very tranquil and peaceful and helps to restore calm which is something which we all often need. In person and in face to face encounters, I believe that neopaganism is the strongest belief within OBOD and that the most active and influential members are very earth centred. Nothing happens which forces people to take this direction, it is simply encouraged by some members meaning that there is a general slant towards earth centred spirituality. Intellectually the work of OBOD can be of a very high standard, OBOD tends to be more involved in academic research and projects; Ronald Hutton is barely the tip of that, look at OBOD resources like their library or the works written by their members and you will see a great deal of thought and creativity has been applied which may have a wider influence upon readers of a spiritual inclination.


            I agree with you David, and I think that it is fine to be a Neo pagan, and all the great qualities that you are talking about. It is just that it confused me because I thought they were a Celtic Druid group. I do think they have a lot about Celtic druidry in their training program. One thing that I found out when reading about Chief Carr Gomm was that he started off as witch and then became a druid, whereas, our chief started off as a druid, so I do think that the BDO is more druid than Neo pagan. And that is one of the reasons I think that the BDO is the best. And yes, it does seem that the OBOD tribe is into lots of research and academic research. But I feel that the BDO is more shamanic and I like that. And I think the Ronald Hutton is a very good historian and I agree with many of his well thought out ideas. Thanks for the comments, and they are really very well thought out and helpful. Best Star Tree


              I recently started studying falconry, and I went out walking in the the Virginia Pocaohontos state park today just before the park closed, when it starts getting dark enough to have to use your headlights, and when I got back to the parking lot, it was empty for except a falcon peached on top of my Jeep Wrangler. Tell me that is not weird. Things like this happen to druids because we are more connected up with the natural world. I am starting to think all druids are Neo pagans. We are so similar to the witches and the other Neo pagan groups that there just is not that much difference. It is kind of like Coke and Pepsi, both are just about the same.
              Not that I drink Coke or Pepsi, but everyone knows what I am talking about. So modern druidism is slanted towards the Celtic stories, with a bit of new age, a splash of pop psychology, some Celtic pantheon gods and goddesses, a cup of zen, a wee bit of faery lore and herb lore, a drop of history, and a bag full of natural earth magic. And I am glad there are no bull sacrifices involved in it, because it makes me steaming mad when people hurt animals for any reason. Well, I also don’t really like the term Neo pagan, and I like the term Neo religion better, Neo spiritual, for the fact is none of us are pagans in the sense that we are people living on the edge of civilization, in fact I find that Druids and witches are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met. and where is the imogi button menu? the falcon was beautiful and I felt very blessed to have seen it. Also, when I was walking a new path, some of trees had little signs on them that told me what kind of tree they were, I saw white oak, red oak, southern beech, dogwood, and something else, but I love that kind of stuff. I also saw a bunny, and I love bunnies. So the seeing the bunny made me happy. And everyone in the park was so happy to be outside today, because they have all been sheltering in place. So, I hope you all can get out into nature everyday, for it is really healing. Plus , walking the other way on one path were four little elves who each had an elf staff, well at least they looked like elves.
              Best Star tree


                the auto correct on this program changed a falcon perched on top of the roll bar on my jeep, to peached on top of my car. I have never seen a falcon peached on a tree, but apparently the computer has. this computer must be a poet. like, she was peached on the handrail of the stairs leading to the castle’s tower top. dream on. Well it’s not that bad, I kind of like the fact that she was peached on the overhang of the tower top. It is very visual. At least it could be something to work with.


                  I feel like every tribe or culture discovers natural earth magic. I mean it is really not that difficult to understand. And when they do, they form some kind of religion around it. And that is all that the Neo Pagan movement is. Whether it is called druidry or Wiccan, it is all pretty much the same stuff. It is about learning how to use earth energy and some ethics of magic. I don’t think that the very early druids knew one thing that we don’t know now. But druidry does have the Celtic culture attached to it. And living a druid lifestyle does bring us closer to our relationships with all of our relationships in nature. But more than that, how do druids deal with the whole forgiveness scam that the Christian Church has running. Look, I think we all make mistakes because we are all a bit ignorant, and after we make a mistake we learn from it. I just don’t think that you should go out and sin even week, and then ask for forgiveness on Sunday, so you can go do the same thing again the next week. The idea of Karma works better for me, and keeps me walking the line. And karma is probably a hindu or buddhist concept, so I find that Neo pagans are a bit of a mix of all kinds of spiritual ideas that were floated in the early 60s and 70s, but if you do some more research the stuff was floated as early as the 1920s in America. druidry is an alternative lifestyle that just seems to make more sense, but it is probably not for the keep it White bread and hotdog simple that most people live by. Druids tend to be a wee bit deep thinkers and philosophers. and we are all rebels. And dammit, don’t even think about telling us that we have to do something, because our response is no, we don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to, so the we can’t be bossed around. Plus we are not afraid like most people and will pull up our kilts and moon anyone who tries to turn us into slaves. Sometimes this does not work, however, like at the battle of Culloden, but at least the Scottish had the right idea, and if they had gotten some better arms they would have won, I think there was a kind of feeling that all they would need was some pointy sticks against the well armed British. That should have been thought out a little more.


                    My old power animal was the owl, and that is why I stayed up all night, My new power animal is the falcon, and now maybe I will start sleeping at night. Does your power animal affect your lifestyle?


                      I found my Druid Ogham Oracle cards by Graywolf and I lost the booklet to them a long time ago. But that should not be a problem. Any questions you want me to look up for you? Maybe I should ask what direction should the BDO be going in. there is no reason to think these puppies will not work. I will do a one card pull on what direction the BDO should be going in. I pulled the ed-eadha popular card , and the answers on it are, appropriate action, discerning tree, admonishing an infirm one. and the ogam looks like a little star, Oh that is right, the tree I forgot about the other day was a tulip popular, you know the one on the little tree sign, But the poplar has a whole lot of other meanings too. so when I find my ogam book I will get back to this. Now let me ask another question. Can druidry make the world a better place? the card please. I got ae- phagos-beech card, three answers on card are, refrain of sickness, giving something back, and movement of a sick person, so I guess the answer is yes druidry can make the world a better place. So see the cards are already starting to work. Get a set and tell me if they speak to you. Oh one more question. Will I find a girlfriend in the next 6 months? I pulled t- tine- holly, and the three answers, are hope, a good portion, and fires of coal. I don’t know what to make of that one, but I like the hope. fires of coal could mean she could be a red head. a good portion, I don’t know what that means but my clan sign is the holly, maybe I have a chance.

                      david poole

                        We are currently in the month of Huath the Hawthorn, what can you tell us about that Startree? I know that it is a good sign and that the flowers should be blooming about now, which means that we are entering a time of increasing abundance, and the warmer weather does indicate that. I find that power animals can be very inspiring in all kinds of ways and am starting to feel more of an affinity towards animals, which is something which I have always had. Please tell us more.


                          That is just wonderful David that you are starting to feel more of an affinity towards animals. I am too ever since I really started thinking of myself as a druid. And I think the animals feel more of an affinity towards us if they sense we are druids. I mean, all is one. I will post back on that hawthorn, because that is a really magical tree. but let me look at Chief Graywolf’s cards really quick and see what he wrote on the druid ogam oracle cards, which I am starting to really like and enjoy because they have the ogam symbol on them and the tree that goes with it. He said on the box that that,” This oracle set is based on the 25-letter ogam alphabet developed in Ireland between the 2nd and 4th centuries CE,” and I am sure he is correct because Chief Graywolf is a known expert on druid lore and myth and history. He does know his stuff and we are all really fortunate to have him as our chief. Also these cards are not as difficult to use as the golden dawn’s waite deck. And there are not any Egyptian gods or goddesses in the Greywolf oracle card deck. He has Hawthorn as h-huath and [fear] and I don’t know why he has fear in there, then he has blanching of face, boundaries, and I get boundaries because the hawthorn is used for hedges, and then he has pack of wolves written on the card. And when he uses pack of wolves I am thinking he means it in a really good way, like a group that supports each other. Like he loves and looks after all of us druid wolves in the BDO wolf pack. I don’t know what he means by blanching of face. All these short phrases are written on the card and there is a picture of hawthorn leaves and the ogam, which looks like a sideways T. ANYWAY, the cards are a great way to learn about the ogam and the trees at the same time. But the hawthorn is surely an otherworld tree and the faeries always have them growing around their mounds, faery forts. Also, be sure to never harm a hawthorn unless you are a certified hedge person, and you need to get certified by the British government, or the Scottish government now, or the Irish. But be sure to never cut a hawthorn that is standing alone in the middle of a field, for the faeries like to hang out in them. I remember a post by Dowrgi not long ago where he was talking about how the British government was forced to build a road around a lone hawthorn tree because it was a hawthorn that was used by the faeries. I really think that the hawthorn has the most lore around it of any of the druid trees and the berries feed a great many animals in the fall and winter. Further, my recipe for tea, star-tee tea for flue, has hawthorn leaves in it. And I think that tea made of hawthorn leaves can help people who get this Covid 19. I got the Covid-19 and drinking tea made from hawthorn leaves helped me get over it quickly. Manny Blessings Star-tree

                          david poole

                            I would like to see your recipe for the hawthorn tea GreyFalcon, that sounds like a very healing brew. I am very interested in healing an learning how to use the natural properties of plants to make people better. I might need something like this brew myself at some point. What is your opinion on echinea, I have been told that this is very useful for relieving cold flu symptoms. I like owls too, they are a very sacred animal. I think they are here to present special messages from the realm of the nature spirits. I tend not to use divination myself and have nothing to do with the Egyptian pantheon, I think may of our modern pagan practices really come from there and that we have made our lives too complicated by using bits and pieces of many different traditions. Blanching as I understand it has to do with a person’s face losing its colour, so the blood drains away from your face and you go white. The hawthorn is huath, which is represented by a single vertical line with a single stroke to the left about half way up. I am glad that you managed to get over the virus GreyFalcon.


                              Hi David, It is not just the hawthorn that makes the tea work. Trying to get all kinds of herbs from an herb store would take some time so the best way to make the tea is to just buy Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time tea and something like Celestial Seasonings red zinger or very cherry berry. I used about six tea bags per cup and drank it twice a day. Another thing you can do is to charge the herbs with a prayer or a spell, asking the faeries and the Celtic Gods and goddesses and the elementals to empower the herbs with more spirit. See this is the whole thing, you have to understand it is the power of the spirit in the herbs that is important, the spirit in the herbs is what fights the spirit in the disease. But don’t try telling that to anyone who is not a druid or a witch, because they will think you are crazy or off your medication, or taking something illegal.
                              I have found it is not even worth wasting the time on the muggles because they are so sure they understand how the world works, it is very mechanistic with them. It is just not worth wasting your time on try ing to explain the magic world to them, they don’t get it. Now as far as the echidna, I am not sure. Look you also need to get a book on herbs and be sure that the herbs will not harm a person. Some people have liver and organ damage, or may be pregnant, and some herbs are not to be taken by them because the herbs can make the people really sick or even kill them. I think the herbs in the celestial seasonings tea are all pretty safe for most people. Also, since you are in England, I really suggest you go down to Glastonbury and check out some to the witch and herb shops there. Glastonbury lies on a major world Ley line. It is a very very magical place. Until you experience Ley line energy, you probably will not understand a lot about magic. Further, magic spells done on Ley lines are like 20 times more powerful, and it is easy to raise a spiral cone of energy around a Ley line. Glastobury attracts witches and druids from all over the world. Plus you will probably have some very prophetic dreams there is you spend like a week there. As for divination, probably the simplest way is to just use a scrying bowl, and that should be easy to make. the idea, is that time in not linear like most people think, but time is more like a spiral with many things going on at the same time, past, present, and future. Most of magic is about seeing things differently. But again, caution, the muggles do not believe in magic and will think you are crazy if you start talking about it around them. However they do like the Harry Potter books, but that is not because they like magic, it is because it takes them back to their childhood when things were magic, before they were brow beaten into not believing in magic. David you are in a part of the world that has a great deal of Neo Pagan activity in it. So, try to meeting talk to the witches and druids who know about herb craft in England. They should be easy to find, And there are even some great book stores in London that you can go to lectures at and will meet other people who can really fill you in on the power of herbs. The rider-waite tarot deck is very effective and is a good oracle, but it takes a lot of time to learn and is based on the Kabbalah and the Egyptian pantheon. And make no doubt, the Egyptian gods are still going strong. The golden dawn loved the rider-waite. But for Celtic Druids like me, our religion comes a lot from the faery races in Scotland and Ireland, and we have nothing to do with the Egyptians. A lot of the Egyptian magic came from the antiquarians in the late 19th century, and early 20th century. Crowley, himself, was influenced by some type of Egyptian god or goddess who visited his wife while they were in Egypt. But Crowley was not a druid, he was a heroine addicted witch, and in my opinion used black magic to manipulate people–no hero of mine. So go and spend time as Glastonbury, and go camping at some other magical places in Scotland and Ireland. You will start to discover the natural power, of magic. Also, you may want to join a witch group in England, just to take part in some of the magic circle casting. The witches raise a cone of power, and once you have experienced it, you will see magic in a whole new way. May you walk in oneness.


                                hÚath is said to mean “terror” or “fear” in Old Irish – the association with whitethorn/hawthorn is via the Auraicept na n-Éces, however, the word itself does not mean hawthorn, it’s a kenning – Old Irish for the tree is scé, and the modern Irish is scéach gheal.

                                These associations are known as kennings or bríatharogam and three sets of kennings give us the associations with the Ogham letters, namely, Bríatharogam Morainn mac Moín, Bríatharogam Maic ind Óc and Bríatharogam Con Culainn; here we find, respectively, condál cúan, bánad gnúise and ansam aidchea pack of hounds, a blanching (paling) of faces and difficult at night as the respective explanations.

                                It’s worth noting that not all of the Ogham letter names are directly linked to a tree and some of this kennings are quite enigmatic.



                                  Thank you Dowrgi, that is very helpful, and I do appreciate all of your good research. Keep up the good work. You are becoming a great scholar with the BDO, and your interest in Celtic studies and Druidry is helping us all to understand better the path we are on. I have found many of your posts to be well researched and helpful, and have learned many things I did not know by reading them. Best William

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