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      No druid every hurt an animal or was involved in a blood sacrifice. Trying to connect the druids to a blood sacrifice is another gigantic hoax by the Romans and Greeks and Christians. It is Fake history. Again, no druid present or past would every hurt an animal or another human. You need to understand this, and not be under the fake history of the Christians, or believe the fake history of the academic world. And remember that by the time the romans got to Britannia they were on their way to becoming Christians because they liked the simple rules of the Christians and were tired of dealing with a hundred gods. The romans were nothing more than partisan politicians, who were only interested in power and control, just like the modern corporate world. There were Celtic Chieftians who did horrible things to the romans who were torturing and killing the Celtic people, but the druids were not involved in it. Wake up, the druids would never hurt and animal or another human being.
      The only time blood is used in any druid spell is in a breaching spell and that is only several drops of blood that comes from a druid’s own pricked finger. Plus most druids just use water. Druids are kind and loving people, and it really makes me mad when people say a druid would ever hurt an animal or a human being.


        There are mixed opinions on the subject, coming from different schools of thought – history, historiography, archaeology, folklore tradition and so on. Most ancient peoples documented are known to have performed some form of sacrifice or other, so why would Iron Age Celts 2000-2500 years ago be any different? The Romans themselves performed gladiatorial contests to the death, and animal sacrifice was part of most ancient peoples’ documented history. Does it have any bearing on today? Not really.
        I don’t think it’s really an issue. In fact, I’d say it’s more of a non-issue, with spurious arguments being brought up today by some who just delight in being detractors.



          We have no real evidence as to what the ancient druids did. All we know is through the biased writings of conquorers. It is likely they did perform some form of animal sacrifices – just because most cultures in that era did – but the truth is we simply do not know.


            blood sacrifices would practiced by the Druids, but not as a sacrifice itself, in celtic times animals were kept for food and this meant that when winter approached , non breeding or milk stock would be slaughtered. being a so close to the natural world and knowing that all things were given by the gods , animals would be slaughtered with reverence and gratitude and this would be done by the villiage holy man, they being the closest to the gods and best able to pass the appreciation on. It is also quite possible that at certain times of great stress , Druids themselves could have been sacrificed. (lindow Man).

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