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      The one marketing technique that all Neo Pagan groups have is marketing their group by selling inspiration. Join their group and they promise that you will be inspired by history, by nature, by art. And that is what they are selling , Inspiration, at their target market. There is never a time when these Neo Pagan groups teach there is a sacred and spiritual power working in the Celtic Druid community. That would just be too much for the history professors to understand. It is too much for the history professors to understand that the Celtic Gods and goddesses are influencing history through spiritual power, a power that can heal, and take people to a higher consciousness. And behind these Neo Pagan groups is a sinister force, a force that is opening up the souls of the assimilated to evil possession. In contrast, the Wiccans have built in safeguards, and the real druids are aware of the spiritual power of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses and the Faery folk. Inspiration is not spirituality, it is only cheap marketing of a quick fix. A thousand blessings Blue Falcon

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