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      the center ray of the awen symbol represents the sun at winter and summer solstice, the lines on either side represent the sun at spring and autumn equinox, this is a pre christian idea, and in my mind, should not in any way correspond to the the christian god. Awen is older, and beautiful, it has deep meanings for druids, and is the one thing that most druids agree on. awen is a voice of the universe, and the green on the playing field, the wonder of a flower, the subtle energy flowing through the trees.


        I feel there is more awen in nature, and the moon is full of awen, it seems like big cities have little awen in them, the stars are full of awen, and what is wonderful about awen is that it is nothing like the Holy Spirit. awen is not religious but is all, it is not the force, but from where the force comes from, it is the awen, and may be the most important concept in druidry.
        it is not the wind, but is in the wind, it is not chi, it is not ying yang, it just is here, it is peaceful, I wonder if we do really return to the one, awen can’t be pointed at. it is more elusive than wind, it is everywhere, and nowhere, it is the stillness, it is not competitive, it is not magic, but is in magic, it is not energy, but is energy, awen brings peace. awen brings acceptance of life and death, natural cycles, all is right,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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