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      Hello, I’m very new here as my bio explains. I’m feeling around in the dark right now in terms of trying to find out what I saw when I was a child. I’ve mindfully revisited this on and off over the years, tentatively and sparingly but I can’t find a similar occurrence in other people’s tales nor can I find a similar occurrence across the Web.

      The only similar thing I can compare what I saw with is ectoplasm or shadow.

      Saying that, what I saw wasn’t dark or shadow, it was in fact light! It wasn’t a discernable shape and it definitely wasn’t something worldly. I know that for sure. I haven’t contacted mediums or psychics. I can explain what I saw here. I’d like to see if there’s any interest first because I’d love to know what it was!

      Thank you


        Hello there,

        Only you can say what it might have been, because – in my opinion – it was “revealed” to you, was it not? I’m sorry if that sounds a bit reductive, but I feel that, like dreams, these events are so personal and subjective, it’s no use trying to find out what someone else may think they are. Our modern minds seek to label everything, give it a name, a classification and, dare I say, in that way “control” things. Perhaps we should sometimes just accept things as they are and marvel in the wonder of not knowing with our left brains – if you follow me?

        Many blessings – bennathow, and welcome …




          Thank you for replying. I have had the same thoughts and approach too so yes I do understand where you’re coming from haha. I will have to wait and when I’m supposed to know, I’ll know.

          Thanks again for your reply

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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