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      Alban Elfed, the festival of the elves

      Alban Elfed, the light of water, autumnal equinox, also called the harvest home, so it is a harvest festival. Here is the invocation that is over on, looks kind of wiccan to me, from bobcat book, ritual a guide to life, love and inspiration,

      The invocation of the Goddessand God is made.
      I call upon my lady of the stars and moon
      To the Bringer of dreams and twilight
      I call upon my lady of the loom
      The Weaver of fates in the night
      I call upon the Lady of the Lake
      The Singer of the Evensong
      I call upon the maiden mother and Crone
      The Goddess alive and strong
      I call upon the Lord of the Sun
      The Rider in the sky
      I call upon the Lord of the Winds
      To the Eagle as he flies
      I call upon the King Stag
      To the son, lover and sacrifice
      I call upon the Lord of the Wildwood
      The God laughing, free and wise

      First I don’t understand why the obodians are all into this as a festival of water. Where did they get that crazy idea. Second, there is a song called harvest home, I play on my fiddle, so the idea that this is like the celtic thanksgiving makes sense, this is when the harvest comes in. there is another thing on the druidnetwork in circle casting,

      Sacred Ones, spirit of the oak that stands before us, spirits of the heath that surround us, dryads and devas, all you who have heard our intention, we ask with respect that you encircle us know, branch reaching branch, leaf touching leaf, roots beneath our feet entangling, that our Circle may be strong, a nemeton of inspiration, reverence and learning, in the name of the Gods whose power we both breathe, we ask that this be so.
      (A moment is given to allow the devas and dryads to form the circle)
      We give our energy to this circle, mingling and communing with those of the spirits of nature to create a sanctuary of peace.
      (Energy is pushed out from the participants to mix and strengthen the circle).
      Let all here draw their minds into the presence of their bodies, that thoughts may be melded with flesh, blood and bones, that the spirits of those gathered may be blended in one purpose, one voice and one sacred space. Soul to soul, we weave our circle, spirit to spirit, that none may enter this sacred space but those who come intune with our intention and in peace. Soul to soul, spirit to spirit, we ask that this may be so.

      Now I don’t get this one at all, because no circle is cast, they are just calling on the devas and dryads to form a circle. But no magic circle is cast. This is pretty common in druidry and I disagree with the practice. If you are going to cast a circle, then effing cast it. However, they did get one thing right, the calling of the dryads and the devas. Now to me this is my favorite festival, because I see it as a festival of the faeries. It is the festival of the elves and faeries, and as you know by now, I believe that druidry came from people learning the craft of druidry from the faerie races. I am part of the Tuatha de Danann clan but others are of the formorians or the Milesians. I don’t get along with the last two tribes but generally we are all at peace now. This is the time to say hi to the tree elves and general thank the faery world for all their help in the woods and the harves. Always my favorite time of the year.


        I also see the idea of the lord and lady, which is just too Wiccan for me, and just goest to show how many druids are really Wiccans in disguise, I like the idea of the holly king, and the oak king. the holly king of winter, and the oak king of summer. whereas, the lord and lady, are like the lord of the woods and the lady of the moon, and the weird sexual ritual of drawing down the moon in Wiccan which to me is only an excuse for old men to try to con some young girl to have sex with them with the excuse that he will be the lord of the woods and she will be the moon goddess. Not so fast jack, first when you call down these forces there is not knowing what spirits you are getting involved with, and ;you might as well be practicing voodondon, and calling on papa legba. so, I would not advise letting any old codger talk you into being the vessel from some strange ceremony. In fact I had a voodoo witch warn me about this down in old New Orleans., I like the idea of the holly king taking over for the oak king of summer. trees are more druidry, and trees and druids just go together. duridry is not Wiccan, and there should be a strong line drawn between the two. I love the witches, but witches are not the same as druids, though a witch can be a druid, I am not sure a druid can be a witch, if that makes any sense, or about as much as how many baby druids can fit in a tire.


          I wonder how many people feel that they are good people, or that humans are good animals. I think a lot of Christians think humans are horrible, and I feel a lot of pagans think humans are not good animals and humans are responsible for all the bad things in the world. I think this comes from Christianity. I feel that this view of humans is a very wrong view. I feel we are beautiful animals, and I also think we may have been made by the spirits of the earth and not some god in heaven. Anyway, we are at home. I think so much of all of this not being one with nature comes from Christianity. Christianity states one god and you must follow that one god or you go to hell, and it separates us from nature. There are a lot of people who just can’t connect with nature, oh yeah, they can connect with their cat or like the idea of nature, but most of the time they hide in their house, with their cats and garden, but is that really being one with nature. I just don’t see how a Christian can be one with nature. Christians get brainwashed when young and never can fully get the idea of an inter relationship with nature. The only thing Christians worry about is going to heaven and their great reward for following the bible. Plus people get weird as they get old, and even while they chain smoke, they try the best they can to hold on to the things they have. How many of hippies sold out? A lot. Spirituality is crushed by money, or the desire for money. Druidry is a way out of all of this, it is a relationship with nature at a deep level. Still, what went wrong with people. We are the children of the earth, and look at what we have done to it. When did all this start. When did we stop caring about the earth, and felt that we could pollute it. It could not have been all that long ago. What brought this on. Humans seem to be so into status, which even seems more important than money to many people. And even their relationship with nature is all about status. If we can just follow what we love, we will be alright, but that is much more difficult than many think, because we have been told by parents and teachers what we should be, and not allowed to be who we are., and feeling that there is something wrong with being human is just wrong, we should be happy about being humans. It could all be about the idea of original sin, or just fitting in with the tribe. Also, we live with our memories, and that can torture us, just think of all the people who come back from war.


            We live in a living conscious world, but Christians can never see this, they can never see the spirit in nature, they just see nature as dead, a dead thing that they can use to build a house or a car or clothes. Druids see the living spirit, which means there is consciousness, druids see the world as a feeling place, not a Disneyland vacation. Once the Christians could take the spirit out of creation, they could kill it. Or was it the atomic bomb that made humans feel so superior, or just the overwhelming smugness of the university professors, who prey on the students for money, who run their own little kingdoms. And in America we even have to pay to go into the national parks and camp. And the land and the minerals in the national parks are used to pay debit. Once you stop seeing nature as a place full of conscious spirit you stop seeing the wonder in the world. Your own soul will become sick. I look to the mountains and see them covered in cell towers. I lift up my eyes and can’t see the stars because of light pollution. But druids know the truth. Sometimes the Christians get a view, but then they fall back into the pit of misunderstanding and shout that all is revealed to them in the bible. Where in the bible does it say that trees are conscious living beings? Where does it say that rocks have spirit in them. For them there is a creator, and that creator left this world a dead place. For druids the world is alive and conscious and in harmony. Druids are the good people, the loving people, the people on the right path. Druids are more than hippies, we have evolved from hippydom. We are above nationalism. We are full of joy and spirit and happiness.
            I wonder if druids knew of karma. Well we do now, and that is what is important. And as a druid I believe in reincarnation. I think what goes around comes around. I think you guy in England don’t really understand what it is like here in the usa. We have no national healthcare, we have to pay to go into the forest, we have to listen to loud rap music all over the place, and rap sucks. We as americans live in a cultural war zone between black and white culture, and the blacks hate the whites. I had a number of teenage blacks try to run me off the road last week for no reason. The blacks threaten white people all the time in America,. Yes this is how it really is, not how you see it on the news. The more we become disconnected from nature, living in a computer world, the worse things get. Where I live the blacks sell crack cocaine to white children, as young as eight years old, and no one does anything about it. I try to stay with the moto, if it don’t concern me, don’t mess with it. I live in an industrial area and the water is polluted in the tap, and the air is difficult to breath. So, I have to look past the garbage to see the trees. Rich whites in America own all the nice land, and try to keep the poor people like me over in the waste dumps. There are some days it is just too dangerous to walk around where I live for fear of being shot by black people. America is a getting to be a ghetto, a dangerous ghetto of crack dealers and gangs. I am a druid in the wasteland


              Good morning.

              I think too many issues are being conflated here and this makes it difficult to respond.

              On the subject of Christian attitudes, I’m not sure you should make such sweeping generalisations because they could easily be countered with passages from the Bible: in Genesis 1:31, God sees that all that he has made is good and this sentiment is also echoed in Psalm 104:31; in Job 12:7-10 we also find nature, animals and plants that can teach humans about the glory of creation and in Leviticus 25:23 the notion is put forward quite clearly, given that Leviticus is legal text, that the world does not belong to humans but to God. There are numerous other passages that teach respect and kindness towards animals and nature, albeit relative to their historical contexts.

              St Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Ecology owing to the legends about him and his love of nature and animals, famously preaching to the birds and having a wolf as a companion. St Francis’s Canticle of the Sun – the Laudes Creaturarum – speaks about Brother Sun, Wind and Sister Moon and so on, to be honest, if you took out the obvious Christian phrases such as “my Lord” and asked many people today who were unfamiliar with it, they would be forgiven for thinking that it were not a pagan piece of writing. As has been mentioned before in other threads, there are stories surrounding many Celtic saints which also include a positive interaction with animals and nature, the most notable in my opinion being St Petroc’s taming of a dragon and rescuing of a deer.

              Pope Francis, the current pope, has also spoken about the importance of environmentalism and respect for nature. Many other leaders of Christian denominations have also had a prominent role in this debate and John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, advocated vegetarianism.

              So, whereas some Christians may indeed hold certain views about our relationship to nature and the environment which might be considered unscientific or exploitative and so on by others, that does not mean that these are intrinsically Christian views nor that they be held be all members of all denominations.


                Dowgri, I think you are seeing it from living in a beautiful place and a different culture. In the USA christianity is not like that. Fundamentalism does not care about the environment and only is concerned with getting a reward in heaven. I live in the land of CEOs who only care about money, and large corporations that do not care about the environment, only buying back more stock so their stock will increase in value, it is not about quality, it is about making money at any cost. The mega churches in America have nothing to do with nature. See, you are living in a very different and beautiful culture. it is not like that here in the states. this is a wasteland of corporate greed, christianity is used as tool to gain political power, such as the annual national prayer meeting run by a small group of christians who control America., they found if they would stick together no mater how evil they are, that they could control the government,. christianity is used to control people here in America, and it does not give a damn about the environment.


                  in Leviticus 25:23 the notion is put forward quite clearly, given that Leviticus is legal text, that the world does not belong to humans but to God.

                  I think this is where you are wrong, the world belongs to the world and not god. the world belongs to all the plants and animals and people in the world, equally, and not god. the spirit of nature is in all things. nature has spirit and consciousness, and that is not god., and who says there is one god, there are many gods and goddesses. see you are looking at a one god created everything, and that is just not true. druidry is an exact opposite from christianity. and you are looking at the world from just one dimension, there are many worlds. the point is to be in harmony with it, and not be in charge of it. the christian view is destroying the world.


                    see the reason the druids never wrote anything down, is because the druids got all their knowledge from the faerie races, and the faerie races told the druids not to write things down, and the faerie races have the power to punish people who go against them. The faeries have power, plain and simple. And all that the druids know is learned from the faerie races. Now modern druids don’t get this and go off on tangents into greek philosophy and try to turn druidry into christianity, some weird mix of Celtic and christian folklore, but druidry is more than folk lore. druidry is a living relationship with nature and the faerie races who are all around us. this is the essential thing to understand when you are trying to get your mind around druidry. there is a deep interconnection with nature and druids, and also I notice that many Neo pagans try to putt psychology into druidry, because they feel that they have a wounded inner child, that needs to be healed and the Christian view has not helped them so they turn to druidry for answers. nature is healing and a relationship with the trees and plants and stones and rivers can heal our souls. see we as humans are part of nature. but many humans want to disconnect from that and think they are only a part of some sky god for the Middle East, a sky god who was in constant battle with the other gods of the Middle East, and the Egyptian gods are still around, and so are the greek gods, ,. see the gods talk to different people in different ways. and yes, I can understand how people think there is one god, but this is where the danger comes in., I do think there is love and kindness in the universe, and many people see god is love, but gods and goddesses are more than love, they are about being guides for civilization and how we live on this earth in relation to nature. druids are not some modern invention, and they have been around for a very long time, much longer than the historians think.

                    Dave TheDruid-3X3

                      W.T wrote:

                      the world belongs to the world and not god. the world belongs to all the plants and animals and people in the world, equally, and not god.

                      W.T.St.C Is Perfectly Correct!


                      Dave TheDruid-3X3

                        W.T wrote:

                        I live in an industrial area and the water is polluted in the tap, and the air is difficult to breath. So, I have to look past the garbage to see the trees.

                        That is why I like doing the 40Km Drive as often as I can to get to my Buddhist Temple Community Garden so that I can get my Hands into the Earth and get back to being One with Nature.

                        Is there any Community Gardens in your area that you could get involved with? I would recommend getting into Community Gardening if I were you.


                        Dave TheDruid-3X3

                          W.T wrote:

                          Once you stop seeing nature as a place full of conscious spirit you stop seeing the wonder in the world. Your own soul will become sick. I look to the mountains and see them covered in cell towers. I lift up my eyes and can’t see the stars because of light pollution.

                          That is why I wrote the following 3X3 Triad Poem in 2006:

                          For The Betterment Of Our Lives:
                          – We Shall Poison The Rivers,
                          – Fill The Air With Smoke,
                          – And Consume Toxic Waste.

                          To Improve The Lot Of Humanity:
                          – We Shall Kill Other Species,
                          – Pave Over Our Ancestors,
                          – And Tear Up The Sky.

                          In Order To Create Civilizations:
                          – We Cut Down Our Forests,
                          – Pollute The Air,
                          – And Dig Up The Earth.


                          To Prove We Have Dominion Over The Earth:
                          – We Draw Borders Between Us,
                          – Destroy What Is Natural,
                          – And Reshape It For Our Own Uses.

                          We Feel That It Is Important:
                          – To Be Wealthy and Greedy
                          – To be Pompous,
                          – And Vane.

                          The Waters Of Our Lakes And Oceans:
                          – Are Fished Out,
                          – Used For Atomic Waste Dumps,
                          – And Damned For Our Uses.


                          For The Sake Of Our Children:
                          – We Shall Fill The Land With Garbage,
                          – Clean Our Homes With Death,
                          – And Breathe Radiation.

                          Many Years From Now Our Grandchildren:
                          – Will Have No Food To Eat,
                          – No Water To drink,
                          – And No Air To Breathe.

                          They’ll Look At Their,
                          – Chemical Houses,
                          – Plastic Shopping Malls,
                          – And Artificial Forests.



                            I think this is where you are wrong, the world belongs to the world and not god. …

                            Well, I don’t think it’s fair to blame me, I did not author Leviticus. Joking aside, I’m afraid you’ve missed or, perhaps, misinterpreted the point. The citation from Leviticus, among others, suggests that from a scriptural point of view, presumably something a devout Christian would not quibble with, that the world does not belong to humans, we have a temporary lease, so to speak. Your initial claim was that the destruction of the environment owes itself to Christian theology and ideology, however, the quotes from scripture seem to contradict that view. Whether you agree with the cosmological implications of that scripture is another matter and beside the point.

                            Furthermore, there are also druids who are monotheistic, pantheistic, panentheistic, atheistic and so on: you’ll be as hard pressed to define druidry with one standard cosmology and belief system as you will with many other religions and creeds, including Christianity. The trouble with all of these theological debates is that no one can prove anything and that the concepts are so abstract and subjective as to render any kind of “I’m right, you’re wrong” arguments completely futile.

                            Saint Augustine wrote that the Gauls were among the people whose philosophers believed in some kind of “supreme creator god”, which is also interesting. On the subject of which, I’d recommend the book that I think Dannorix recommended a while back, The World of the Gauls: Foundation(s) of a Celtic Philosophy, Antón Bousquet (2018), in which the author discusses this very point (p.40-).

                            When it comes to the environment, if you ask me, many of the indigenous hunter-gatherer cultures around the world have it far more sussed out than we do and the key word in all of this is balance. As human beings we are in a sense of nature but not in it, in which case we must seek that harmony and balance otherwise we’re done for.



                              Just as an afterthought, sadly, and I’m not going to name names here, but there are some so-called pagans and pagan movements that have pretty dubious or downright nasty ideologies, yet no sensible person would, or should, label every single pagan or New Age religious practitioner in a negative way because of a small minority.


                                Dear Dowgri, I am not trying to say my way is the only way, and yes I think many druids have many different ideas. I would like to know what the dubious groups are so I can avoid them. you make great points and I find them very interesting. I know Iolo took a very christian view of druidry, and I am sure many druids incorporate all kinds of christianity into their druidry, and some get very cult about it. I have a difficult time believing that the druids believed in one god, but I can see that there may be a great interconnection between all things, I just question the whole idea of some guy sitting on a throne who created everything and that we as humans look like him. in his image, we as humans do have the ability to love and be kind, but we also have the ability to be rather tooth and claw if it gets down to it. do you think we came from monkeys? I have to wonder about it. anyway, great answers, and thank you, and don’t let the spriggans get you because they can get quite mean if you upset them.


                                  dear Dave the druid 3×3, I liked your posts, and thanks, and I like the idea of joining a community garden, all great ideas. best William

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