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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Awens to All:

      I spent much of the time from 2010 to 2013 studying Herbs and Herbology. and on May 24th 2020, I uploaded my Treasury of Sacred Herbs & Herbology onto Internet Archive.

      Here is the Table of Contents:

      Table of Contents:
      – Dedication: Page 1
      – Disclaimer and Warning: Page 2
      – Introduction: Page 2
      – The History Of Herbs: Page 3 to 42
      – The Spiritual Aspects Of Herbs: Page 42 to 51
      – How To Grow And Cultivate Herbs: Page 52 to 72
      – How To Harvest, Prepare And Use Herbs: Page 73 to 78
      – Herbal Cures: Page 78 to 90
      – The De Materia Medica Of Herbs: Page 91 to 442
      – Hazardous, Poisonous or Toxic Herbs: Page 442 to 448
      – Herbal Medicine Glossary Of Terms: Page 448 to 454
      – Herbal Reference Bibliography: Page 454


      Dave TheDruid-3X3

        Here is the Internet Archive URL from where you can Download a Free Copy of my Herbology E-Book:



        Dave TheDruid-3X3

          Awens to All:

          Today, I looked into how Gooseberries are beneficial to your Health.

          There is a Wikipedia Listing on Gooseberries:


          Seems that Gooseberries are a member of the Currant Berry Family.

          Dave TheDruid-3X3


            Of it, it states:
            ‘The juice was formerly said to ‘cure all inflammations.’ In the green berries it is sub-acid and is corrective of putrescent foods, such as mackerel or goose. The light jelly made from the red berries is valuable for sedentary, plethoric, and bilious subjects.

            As a spring medicine, gooseberry is more valuable than rhubarb. In one of the many books on the Plague, published in the sixteenth century, the patient is recommended to eat ‘Goseberries.’ Gerard, describing it under the name of ‘Feaberry,’ says:
            ‘the fruit is much used in diners, sawces for meates and used in brothe instead of Verjuyce, which maketh the brothe not only pleasant to taste, but is greatly profitable to such as are troubled with a hot, burning ague.’
            The leaves were formerly considered very wholesome and a corrective of gravel. An infusion taken before the monthly period will be found a useful tonic for growing girls.’


            david poole

              Thank you Dave I will take a look at this it sounds very useful.

              Dave TheDruid-3X3

                It is especially useful for when you have Rheumatism or Arthritis.

                Horsetail, Devil’s Claw and Cannabis are 3 of the many Herbs that can help with Rheumatism Pain.

                The list for what Herbs is good for Arthritis is on Page #79 and the Herbs that is good for Rheumatism is on Page #88.

                After writing my E-Book on Triads of Wisdom in 2010, Bobcat asked me to start researching Herbs and Herbology and for the next 8 months, I Researched 3 or 4 Herbs per Week. From then on, I would Research Herbs that I came up and were New to me. For instance, there was an Energy Drink being served around at the Powell Street Festival Volunteers Party and one of the Herbs in the Drink was Horny Goat Weed. I then ran Home and Researched it and came up with this:

                The Horny Goatweed (Epimedium Grandiforum):


                Horny Goatweed is a versatile Chinese Herb traditionally used to help treat Forgetfulness, Back Pain, Tonifies the Liver and Arthritis. There are many Genus’s of Horny Goatweed and is alleged to have Aphrodisiac Qualities. According to Legend, it was discovered by a Chinese Goat Herder who noticed Sexual Activity in his Flock after they ate the Weed. The Active Ingredient in Horny Goatweed is “Icariin”.

                Horny Goatweed helps to stimulate the production of the Sexual Hormone Androgen with no found effect on Estrogen. It has been applied to Men suffering from Impotence and Low Sperm Count. And has been consumed by Women who suffer from a Decreased Sexual Motivation. A Tonic made from Horny Goatweed is said to help Warm the Body.

                Because of Horny Goatweed’s ability to Dilate Capillaries and other Blood Vessels, it is used to facilitate Blood Circulation to the Brain as well as to the Sexual Organs, while also Lowering High Blood Pressure.

                There are Reports that Horny Goatweed helps to stimulate Muscle Growth in the Sphincter Muscles, which helps bring Incontinence under control.

                Animal Studies indicate that Icariin also Stimulates Osteoblast activity in Bone Tissue, leading to the development and marketing of Medicinal Products based on Epimedium Extracts for Treatment of Osteoporosis.



                  Dave, what else can cannabis help with? and are there any spiritual qualities of Cannabis?

                  Dave TheDruid-3X3

                    Information on the Healing and Medicinal Properties of Cannabis is on Page #296 of my Sacred Herbs Herbology E-Book:

                    The Marijuana Cannabis Hemp (Cannabis Sativa):

                    The Marijuana Hemp Plant is an Annual, the Erect Stems growing from 3 to 10 feet or more high, very slightly branched, having Grayish-Green Hairs. The Leaves are Palmate, with five to seven. The Small Flowers are Unisexual, the Male having five almost separate, downy, pale yellowish segments, and the Female a single, hairy, glandular, five-veined Leaf enclosing the Ovary in a sheath. The Ovary is smooth, One-Celled, with one hanging Ovule and two Long, Hairy thread-like Stigmas extending beyond the Flower for more than its own length. The Fruit is small, smooth, light brownish-grey in colour, and completely filled by the Seed. The Leaves and the Resin that exudes from them are the parts mainly used, though all parts of the Plant contain the Active Ingredients. Cannabis contains a wide range of Active Ingredients, perhaps the most important of which is THC.

                    The Marijuana Hemp Plant is believed to have originated in the area of the Himalayan Mountains, Marijuana has spread and now Grows Naturally in Persia, Northern India and Southern Siberia, and probably in China. It is largely cultivated in Central and Southern Russia. It is sometimes found as a Weed in England, probably due to Seeds from Birdcages, as they are much used in feeding Tame Birds. The Drug that is official in Europe comes from Bogra and Rajshabi, north of Calcutta, or sometimes from Guzerat and Madras. It is called Guaza by London merchants. It has been grown for its Fibre contents, but that type of Cannabis contains less of the Medicinally Active Compounds, although it does have a very Long History of Medicinal use. It is now deemed an Illegal Narcotic in many Countries since the Leaves and other parts of the Plant are considered to have a very bad Narcotic Affect.

                    Although Marijuana Hemp does not effect a Cure for many of the problems it is prescribed to Treat, few Plants have a greater array of Folk Medicine uses. It is a Very Safe and effective Medicine for helping to Reduce the Symptoms of many Serious Diseases. Marijuana Hemp does much for easing Pain and inducing Sleep, and for a Soothing Influence in Nervous disorders such as when one has the Shakes from Multiple Sclerosis and Convulsive Seizures of Epilepsy. It also helps in Curing Conditions that cause Insanity Disorders. As long as it is used regularly, it also greatly reduces the pressure in the Eye to relieve the Symptoms of Glaucoma. The Marijuana Hemp Plant has been used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions including Alcohol Withdrawal, Anthrax, Asthma, Blood Poisoning, Bronchitis, Burns, Catarrh, Childbirth, Coughs, Cystitis, Delirium, Depression, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Fever, Gonorrhea, Jaundice, Lockjaw, Malaria, Migraine, Morphine Withdrawal, Palsy, Rheumatism, Scalds, Snakebite, Swellings, Tetanus, Toothache. It is a useful Anti-Inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Diuretic, Emollient, Hypnotic, Hypotensive, Laxative, Narcotic, Neuralgia, and a Sedative. It is also good for Treating Gout, Rheumatism, and Infantile Convulsions. It is used Externally as a Poultice for Corns, Sores, Varicose Veins, Gout and Rheumatism. A High Content of Very Active Antibacterial and Analgesic Substances has been found in the Marijuana Hemp Plant. It has Bactericidal Effects on Gram-Positive Micro-Organisms, in some cases up to a Dilution of 1:150,000.

                    It is a Major Appetite Stimulant as well as a Reliever of the Nausea caused by Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments. Given to Patients suffering from AIDS, it helps them to put on Weight. Since it Strongly Increases the Desire for Food it has been found of Benefit in Treating Anorexia Nervosa.

                    The Marijuana Hemp Seed is Anodyne, Anthelmintic, Demulcent, Diuretic, Emollient, Emmenagogue, Febrifuge, Laxative, Narcotic and Tonic. It is used to Treat Constipation caused by Debility or Fluid Retention. The Seed is an important source of Essential Fatty Acids and can be very helpful in the Treatment of many Nervous Diseases.

                    The tincture helps Parturition, and is used in Senile Catarrh, and all Painful Urinary Infections. An Infusion of the Seed is useful in After Pains and Prolapsus Uteri. The Resin may be combined with Ointments, Oils or Chloroform in Inflammatory and Euralgic Complaints.

                    A Drying Essential Oil is obtained from the Seed. It is used for Lighting, Soap Making, Paints and Varnish. In the temperate zone, the Essential Oil is produced from Females which have been left to stand after the Fibre-Producing Males have been Harvested. A Varnish is made from the Pressed Seeds. A Fibre is obtained from the Stem. It is Strong and Very Durable and is used in making Coarse Fabrics, Rope as well as Paper Products. Male Plants produce the Best Fibers and they are Harvested when the Plants turn Brown and the Pollen Stamen part of the Flowers begin to open. When used for making Paper the Stems are Harvested in the Autumn and either Retted or Steamed so that the Fibers can be removed. The Fibre is cooked for 2 hours or more with Lye and then beaten in a Ball Mill or Hollander Beater. The Paper is Off-White in Colour. Marijuana Hemp makes a good companion Plant for Cabbages and other Brassicas, it Repels the Cabbage White Butterfly and also Secretes a Volatile Essence from its Roots that Inhibits Pathogenic Micro-Organisms in the Soil.

                    Dave TheDruid-3X3

                      As for the Spiritual Qualities of Cannabis, it is Originally an East Indian Herb.

                      So that would be a Question for a Hindu Priest.

                      Of course, there is the Rastafarian Religion which does their Ceremonies after Smoking Cannabis.



                        thanks Dave, very informative, we are going to have a medical cannabis program in virginia in October this year, but it is all edibles. I will be signing up for the program. I feel the plant calms me down and makes me more spiritual, and that I just enjoy everything more on weed. We can also have up to an ounce of weed in Virginia, but if they catch you with the weed they charge you a $25 dollar fine and take your weed so the cops can smoke it themselves. IN Washington DC you can have weed but can’t sell it or buy it. When will the madness end? I mean it is a weed, and I should be able just to grow the weed. Anyway, no one wants to smoke it all the time, that would just be too much weed. Philp Morris that makes all the tobacco cigarettes is here in the Richmond va area, and they have been investing in weed farms in California. The weed is coming, I just pray to the Celtic Gods and goddesses that it hurries up. weed makes people calmer and more into nature and listening to music. And in this digital world, we all need the real thing, not more pixels, but more trees and leaves and pot plants. we could stop the global warming of earth if we plant enough pot plants. I wonder what the weed deal is in England. Are they allowed weed? I bet the druids smoked weed, after all, they were great traders, and I have never met a druid that did not like weed. I wonder if they found any weed pipes or bongs in the druid mounds, it could be the beaker people made bongs for the druids to smoke weed. they must of made hemp rope, and some druid probably tried to smoke it and got really druidry. I mean, one of their jobs was to talk with the otherworld, and I am sure weed helps with that. And we probably would not have as many problems in society if more people smoked more weed. I think they put weed in the figgy pudding in Cornwall, or is that hash. It would be a good idea for the bdo to give all its members free weed. And the druids in England need to have more legalize weed meet ups. like everyone could smoke weed on top of the sacred druid hills. I also think that weed should become a druid sacrement, a holy druid herb, used to raise consciousness of the Celtic Otherworld. I bet the goddess Rhiannon smokes weed and so does Bridget, and Ceridwen. Weed was probably one of the herbs that the druids gathered, and grows wild in virginia. everyone loves weed, even mums. I wonder if there were druid psychologist, that would explain why so many people in the psychiatric industry are drawn to druidry. Should we license our own counselor in druidry? I also wonder if we should build a world headquarters. Could we replant all of the sacred groves, and can we have weed plants in them?

                        david poole

                          Can anyone please explain what the difference is between cannabis and CBD? I think that CBD is basically cannabis but without the psychoactive component of THC? How exactly does CBD work, and what does it do?

                          Dave TheDruid-3X3

                            Actually, I had never heard of ‘CBD’, so I Googled it.

                            There is a Wikipedia Listing for CBD:


                            Dave TheDruid-3X3

                              Asparagus ( Asparagus Officinalis):

                              Asparagus has been used as a Vegetable owing to its Distinct Flavor, and in Medicine due to its Diuretic Properties and its Purported Function as an Aphrodisiac. It is Pictured as an offering on an Egyptian Frieze dating to 3000 BC. In Ancient Times, it was also known in Syria and in the Iberian Peninsula. Greeks and Romans ate it Fresh when in Season, and Dried the Vegetable for use in Winter.

                              Asparagus mostly contains excellent quantities of different Vitamins, including Vitamins A, C K, B6, Riboflavin as well as Thiamine. Besides Vitamins, Asparagus is also Rich in Potassium content, but contains very less Sodium, having a perfect proportion of these Two Essential Minerals.

                              Asparagus also contains several other Nutrients, such as Fiber, Niacin, Fructose-Containing Oligosaccharides (FOS), Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Sulfur. In addition, this Vegetable encloses a variety of Phyto-Nutrients like Inulin, Quercetin, Alpha-Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and several others.

                              Asparagus is Highly Beneficial for Women during Pregnancy, as it contains adequate quantities of Folate, which is vital for Preventing Deformities in Newborns. It is also Helpful for Nursing Mothers. Consumption of adequate amounts of Folate is also said to be helpful in lowering the chances of developing specific Cancer Forms, especially Breast Cancer, colorectal Cancer and Cervical Cancer.

                              The Virtues of Asparagus are well known as a Diuretic and Laxative; and for those of Sedentary Habits who suffer from Symptoms of Gravel, it has been found Very Beneficial, as well as in cases of Dropsy. The Fresh Expressed Juice is taken Medicinally in Tablespoonful Doses.

                              The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) state that Asparagus may be beneficial for People whose Body Heat as well as Dampness are Extreme. In fact, People who eat Foods Rich in Oils/Fats, Processed Foods, in addition to Extremely Intoxication and Seasoned Foods usually suffer from these conditions.

                              In the Ancient Indian Herbal Medicine System known as Ayurveda, this Vegetable is believed to reinforce the Kidneys, be a General Tonic for Women and even an Aphrodisiac.

                              Traditionally, People have used Asparagus to facilitate Treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatism.

                              Of Asparagus, Nicholas Culpepper Writes:
                              ‘The decoction of the roots (Asparagus) boiled in wine, and taken is good to clear the sight, and being held in the mouth easeth the toothache.’ He also tells us it helps those sinews that ‘are shrunk by cramps and convulsions, and helpeth the sciatica .’


                              Amanda Gisby


                                Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed reading through your work, it’s been truly enlightening. I really like to use nettle and have found some great benefits along with rose hips. I am looking to enhance my gardening now over the next year and I really like some of your suggestions. I think this will help especially with a small mountainside garden.
                                Do you have any ideas on what I could utilise to help me focus, direct muscular power and reduce fatigue? Now as a masters strength athlete my nerves for some reason play havoc before competition, in addition I believe I am also prone to copper deficiency which really slows down my muscular contraction.

                                Kind regards


                                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                                  Awens to Amanda!

                                  Thank You for your Nice Review of my E-Book!


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