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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Awens to All:

      Here is my 2012 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom and it once again addresses some of the Dark Issues of
      Life in this Sabbath that takes place during the Darker Time of the YEar.

      This 3X3 Triad is based on the fact that I have had some Personal Problems and Issues recently to
      the point that I went to my Favorite Buddhist Temple and asked the Buddhist Priest whether or not
      this Life on Earth is actually a Life in an Upper Plain of Hell.

      The Buddhist Priest replied that in order to get to a Better Plain of Existance for one’s Next Life,
      to make sure to work on keeping ones Mind as Peaceful and Tranquil as possible.

      But since I have been thinking that this Life on Earth is actually an more Benevolent Upper Plain of
      Hell, I have wrote a 3X3 Triad dedicated to pointing out the things that indicate that this Life is
      actually an Upper Plain of Hell where we all are made to Suffer so many Pains and Sorrows all the

      And for this 3X3 Triad, I was able to think of so many Triads of Wisdom that shows how this Life is
      actually an Upper Plane of Hell that I could write another similar one in the Future that I could
      call “Whilst In A Life In Hell” or something like that.

      For this particular 3X3 Triad, all of the Triads all start with the same line, which is something
      I have done in Past 3X3 Triads.

      So here is my 2012 Samhain 3X3 Triad which is called ‘In This Life In Hell’ and it goes:

      In This Life In Hell:
      – There Is Illnesses,
      – Diseases,
      – And Chronic Suffering.

      In This Life In Hell:
      – There Is Genocidal Wars,
      – Territorial Wars,
      – And Religious Wars.

      In This Life In Hell:
      – There Is Betrayals,
      – Treacheries,
      – And Scams.


      In This Life In Hell:
      – There Are Psychopaths,
      – Controloholics,
      – And Megalomaniacs.

      In This Life In Hell:
      – There is Arguments,
      – Issues,
      – And Disagreements.

      In This Life In Hell:
      – There Are Weird Accidents,
      – Things Going Wrong,
      – And Stupid Mistakes.


      In This Life In Hell:
      – There is Intolerance,
      – Inconsiderate Acts,
      – And Incompetence.

      In This Life In Hell:
      – There is Child Abuses,
      – Parent Abuses,
      – And Spousal Abuses.

      In This Life In Hell:
      – There is Unhealthy Needs,
      – Desires,
      – and Addictions.


      Dave TheDruid-3X3

        Awens to All:

        One day, while in a 2017 Business Meeting, I stated to a Property Manager that a Triad about how Trust Works.

        I thought that I had Written that Triad into one of my Past 3X3 Triad Poems but when I recently checked, it turned out that the Triad I had stated at the Meeting was something that I had just suddenly created off the top of my Head. So I therefore decided to write the Triad I had Spontaneously Created into a 3X3 Triad Poem and it is now being made into my 2024 Imbolc 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem.

        Here it is:

        Trust Is:
        – Hard To Create,
        – Must Always Be Maintained,
        – And Is Easy To Destroy.

        Without Trust:
        – There Is Suspicion,
        – Corruption,
        – And Betrayal.

        Things Which Need Trust:
        – Taking Care Of Others Health,
        – Safety,
        – And Security Issues.


        What One Must Do To Create Trust:
        – Behaving Politely,
        – Being On Time,
        – And Keeping A Personal Secret.

        Ways To Maintain Trust:
        – Good Communications,
        – Keeping Your Promises,
        – And Being Reliable.

        Trust Is Easy To Lose Because Of:
        – Paranoia,
        – Delusional Thoughts,
        – And Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress.


        Fastest Ways To Destroy Trust:
        – Showing Unhealthy Desires,
        – Getting Caught Lying,
        – And Stealing Valuables.

        Without Good Communications Of Trust:
        – There Could Be Confusion,
        – Uncertainty,
        – And Stupid Mistakes.

        People Most Needed To Be Trusted:
        – Friends,
        – Family,
        – And Fellow Coworkers.


        Dave TheDruid-3X3

          Awens to All:

          When I came upon a Poem by the 16th Century Poet Herrick, I noticed that each of the Stanzas were exactly 4 Lines with is similar to a Triad Stanza except there is a Long First Line, a 3 or 4 Word 2nd Line, a 2 Word 3rd Line and the ending 4th Line is as long as the 1st Line with the 1st & 4th Lines Rhyming and the 2nd & 3rd Lines Rhyming.

          So I took that style of Poetry Writing and made one to Celebrate Flowers of Spring & Summer writing exactly 9 Stanzas which is my 3X3 Style of Triad Poetry Writing to be E-Published on Spring Equinox.

          Here is goes:

          3X3 Herrick Style Poem On Flowers:

          Springtime Flowers Come On
          Spread The Petal
          With Metal
          And On They Spread On

          Summer Flowers Follow Then
          Smell Their Perfume
          With Plume
          The Bees Come On The Glen

          Flowers Bring On Seeds
          In Groups Of Buds
          Great Floods
          Flow On In Wind Speeds


          Fruits Come From Flowers
          Grow In Groups Lots
          In Plots
          Baskets In Many Stores

          Bees Love Many Blossoms
          Foraging For Nectar
          Also Fare
          Taking Such To Queens Bussoms

          Without Flowers On The Plain
          Much Will Not Grow
          And Blow
          Causing Plants To Refrain


          In Autumn The Flowers Wane
          Wither And Fall
          With Paul
          Creates Medicines For Pain

          Flowers Are Of Benefits
          Full Of Good Will
          They Fulfill
          In This World They Fits

          Flowers A Source Of Beauty
          Spread Their Fronds
          With Bounds
          They Are Of Such Pretty

          Dave TheDruid-3X3

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            Who’s Paul?

            Dave TheDruid-3X3

              Actually, maybe I should have made that ‘With Pawl’ instead.

              And it should have been Pawl which is something that Ratchets through. I guess I meant how the Season ‘Ratchets’ through each other.


              Dave TheDruid-3X3

                Awens to All:

                For this Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom, I am writing Triads of Things that I like to counterbalance the Things that I Hate.

                It goes:

                I Like:
                – Trees,
                – The Animals,
                – And Nature.

                I Like:
                – Sacred Sabbaths,
                – Changes Of Seasons,
                – And The Environment.

                I Like:
                – Helpful Comrades,
                – Good Cooperation,
                – And Friendly Coworkers.


                I Like:
                – Fruit Trees,
                – Evergreen Trees,
                – And Decidouus Trees.

                I Like:
                – Herds Of Deer,
                – Prides Of Lions,
                – And Schools Of Fish.

                I Like:
                – Natural Herbs,
                – Beautiful Flowers,
                – And Nutricious Grains.


                I Like:
                – Eagles,
                – Hawks,
                – And The Almighty Raven.

                I Like:
                – Grocery Stores,
                – Department Stores,
                – And The Free Market.

                I Like:
                – Freedom Of Speech,
                – Freedom Of Self Expression,
                – And Freedom Of Personal Opinions.

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