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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Awens to All:

      Seeing as Imbolc is the Closest Sacred Sabbath to Valentines Day, I decided to make this year’s Imbolc 3X3 Triad Poem to be one that is Flattering to a Member of BC Forums Lady Lush.

      Originally started in the 2019 Valentines Forum Thread ‘Flattering Lady Lush’ where I composed 9 Triads composed to Flatter Lady Lush, I decided to compile those Triads into a 3X3 Triad Poem and making them into a future 3X3 Triad Poem. 2022’s Imbolc seems to be the Perfect Sacred Sabbath to post my 3X3 Triad Poem Flattering Lady Lush.

      Unfortunately, Lady Lush has not be active on BC Forums since February 2020 so I am also posting this 3X3 Triad Poem in order to convey how I am have been Missing Lady Lush. She disappeared just as the Covid19 Pandemic was starting so I am worried about what has become of her and I am hoping she is doing alright.

      Here is my 3X3 Triad Poem on Flattering Lady Lush:

      Lady Lush Is:
      – Lovely,
      – Pretty,
      – And Charming.

      Lady Lush Is Never:
      – Rude,
      – Obnoxious,
      – Or Insulting.

      Lady Lush Loves:
      – Her Children,
      – Her Cats,
      – And Nature.


      Lady Lush Has Lovely:
      – Hair,
      – Sparkling Eyes,
      – And A Radiant Smile.

      Lady Lush’s Prettiness Is:
      – Ravishing,
      – Alluring,
      – And Natural.

      Lady Lush’s Charm Is:
      – Radiant,
      – Witty,
      – And Cheerful.


      Lady Lush’s Children:
      – Enjoy Spinning,
      – Twirling,
      – And Dancing.

      Lady Lush’s Hair Is:
      – Long,
      – Full,
      – And Fluffy.

      Lady Lush Is Naturally:
      – Gentle,
      – Pure,
      – And True.

      Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Dave TheDruid-3X3

        Awens to All:

        Here is my 2009 Imbolc Triad of Wisdom Composition. It is based on my having Bought and Read the Book “The Art Of Living” last Winter Solstice, which is based on the Lectures and Teachings of the Dalai Lama.

        It goes:

        The Art of Living –

        The Art of Living Well is due to:
        – Being Contented,
        – Having A Joyful Life,
        – And Good Fulfillment.

        Motivations For Being Compassionate:
        – Having Appreciation For Nature,
        – Being Sympathetic Of Suffering,
        – And Practicing Essential Wisdoms.

        Negative Harmful Emotions:
        – Anger,
        – Hatred,
        – And Unhealthy Desires.


        Contentedness comes from:
        – Good Bodily Health,
        – Adequate Material Wealth,
        – And Peaceful Companionships.

        One Has Joy When:
        – One Is Enlightened,
        – Healthy Desires Are Satisfied,
        – And When Happiness Is Achieved.

        What Is Fulfilling:
        – Having Overcome Hardships,
        – Finishing Ones Work,
        – And Acceptance Of Ones Faults.


        At Time Of Death, One Must:
        – Have Good Peace Of Mind,
        – Prepare For Ones Rebirth,
        – And Having Transformed Experiences Into Wisdom.

        Environmental Problems Come From:
        – Insatiable Harmful Desires,
        – Lacking Contentedness,
        – And Having Too Much Greed.

        Emotional Thoughts Should Be:
        – Useful,
        – Constructive,
        – And Beneficial.


        Dave TheDruid-3X3

          Awens to All:

          Seeing as Beltane is coming up, I decided to post one of my Past Beltane 3X3 Triads of Wisdom.

          So here is my 2009 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition on the Subject of Alchemy.

          3X3 Triad of Wisdom on “What Is Alchemy”:

          Alchemy is:
          – Worth From Worthleness
          – Metallurgical Manipulations
          – And Mystical Practices

          Alchemy Confers:
          – Immortality
          – Health
          – And Spiritual Enlightenment

          The Basic Elements of Alchemy:
          – Salt
          – Sulphur
          – And Mercury


          What is of Good Worth:
          – The Various Artforms
          – Cooking With Good Herbs
          – And The Building of Reliable Shelters

          Great Metallurgical Manipulations:
          – Creating Harder Metals
          – Preventing Corrosion
          – And Making Them Shine Like Gold

          Great Mystical Practices:
          – Making Divination
          – Preforming Sacred Rituals
          – And Understanding Nature


          Mystical Good Forms of Divinations:
          – Cartomancy
          – Astrology
          – And Rune Casting

          Artforms of Alchemy:
          – Music
          – Painting
          – And Poetry

          Enlightenment is the Complete Understanding of:
          – The Interconnectedness of Life
          – The Universe
          – And Knowing What To Aim For


          Dave TheDruid-3X3

            Awens to All:

            For my 2022 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom, I have decided to write it on the subject of where the Druids get their Magic from.

            It goes:

            The Druids Get Their Magic From:
            – The Mythical Stories of the Bard,
            – Divinatory Powers Of The Ovate,
            – And The Healing Powers Of Herbs.

            Druids Love Magic Comes From:
            – Trees,
            – Meadows,
            – And The Countryside.

            Druidistic Magic Creates:
            – Justice,
            – Security,
            – And Fertility.


            Mythical Stories:
            – Teach Lessons Of Life,
            – Provide Entertainment,
            – And Preserve Cultures.

            Divinatory Tools Used By The Ovates:
            – Cards,
            – Runes,
            – And Crystals.

            Herbs Help To Heal:
            – Injuries,
            – Illnesses,
            – And Emotional Stresses.


            Entertainment Can Come:
            – In Music,
            – Acting,
            – And Comedy.

            Fertility Is A Mixture Of:
            – The Earth,
            – Water,
            – And The Sun’s Energies.

            Best Lessons Of Life:
            – Come From Mistakes,
            – Successes,
            – And The Teachings Of The Elders.


            Dave TheDruid-3X3

              We are still in the Time of Beltane so I have decided to post a past Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem for you all to Enjoy:

              Awens to All:

              Here is my 2017 Beltane 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom and is based on the Book that I borrowed from the BVS Buddhist Temple in 2015 called ‘Treasures Of The Buddhas’s Teachings’ by the Veneral Monk Ajahn Thiradhammo.

              I have seen Ajahn Thiradhammo do a Dharma Talk and Speech a couple of times at the BCIT Lecture Halls and he seemed to me to be Very Wise, Harmonious and Peaceful. So I decided to Read his Book and compose a 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom Poem based on Triads of Wisdom I found in his Book.

              I call it ‘The Treasures Of The Buddha’s Teachings’ 3X3 Triad Poem and goes:

              Good Life Is Full Of:
              – Good Friendships,
              – Companionship,
              – And Association.

              Spiritual Practice Combines:
              – Skillful Living,
              – Meditation,
              – And Wisdom.

              Awakening Is Learning To Relinquish:
              – Cravings,
              – Clinging,
              – And Self Willed Actions.


              Truth Of Things Is Summarized By:
              – Impermanence,
              – Unsatisfactoriness,
              – And Impersonality.

              Kamma Intentional Action Is Produced By:
              – Body,
              – Speech,
              – And Mind.

              Delusions Burns Us With:
              – Confusion,
              – Doubt,
              – And Fear.


              The Nobel Truths Liberates Us From:
              – Aging,
              – Death,
              – And Painful Sufferings.

              Teaching The Dhamma Is Beautiful:
              – In The Beginning,
              – In The Middle,
              – And In The End.

              The Unawakened Is Overwhelmed By:
              – The Desire For Gain,
              – Honour,
              – And Renown.


              Dave TheDruid-3X3

                While Camping during 2021’s Beltane, I came up with a more Camping Triads making enough to create another 3X3 Triad Poem on Camping and I am making it into my 2022 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom on Camping Out:

                Camping Is For:
                – Getting Away From Stress,
                – Enjoying Nature,
                – And Getting Fresh Air.

                The Best Camping Spices:
                – Salt,
                – Pepper,
                – And Garlic.

                Best Tinder For Camping:
                – Newspaper,
                – Fire Starter Squares,
                – And Dry Kindling.


                Sources Of Stress:
                – Trying To Keep People Happy,
                – Satisfied,
                – And Comfortable.

                The Beauty Of Nature:
                – Is In The Green Forests,
                – The Swimming Holes,
                – And The Animals.

                Fresh Air Is The Gift Of:
                – Trees,
                – Plants,
                – And Shrubs.


                Best Canned Foods To Bring:
                – Corned Beef Hash,
                – Chili Con Carne,
                – And Baked Beans With Pork.

                Best Condiments:
                – Mustard,
                – Relish,
                – And BarBQ Sauce.

                After Camping:
                – You Have To Clean,
                – Replenish,
                – And Stow Your Equipment.


                Angela Lawton

                  I used to go camping years ago. I remember those small nylon tents, the inside would become coated with moisture from yout breath and when the wind blew the tent you would get sprayed with stale saliva. Lol. I would say camping is freedom.

                  Dave TheDruid-3X3

                    Trying to Post on this Thread but this System will not let me.



                    Dave TheDruid-3X3

                      Awens to All:

                      This is my 2022 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom and it is on the Slings & Arrows of Growing Old.

                      I have been feeling these Slings & Arrows for the past couple of years and have decided to write a 3X3 Triad on that sort of thing since I am now experiencing the effects of what it is like to Grow Old during this Lifetime.

                      So Here It Goes:

                      Signs Of Growing Old:
                      – Hair Going Grey,
                      – Skin Becoming Wrinkled,
                      – And Voice Becoming Elderly.

                      When Getting Older:
                      – You Pine About Your Failures,
                      – Remember Your Victories,
                      – And Mourn Your Tragedies.

                      Elderly People Have Experience In:
                      – Skilled Trades,
                      – Post Traumatic Stress,
                      – And The Way Things Used To Be.


                      Grey Hair Is A Sign Of:
                      – Knowledge,
                      – Aging,
                      – And Becoming A Senior.

                      Wrinkled Skin Happens To:
                      – White Caucasians,
                      – Black Africans,
                      – And Yellow Orientals.

                      The Voice Communicates:
                      – Happiness,
                      – Sadness,
                      – And Anger.


                      Things Used To Be:
                      – Less Computerized,
                      – Regulated,
                      – And Administrated.

                      Post Traumatic Stress Is Caused By:
                      – Constantly Being Scammed,
                      – Ripped Off,
                      – And Verbally Abuse.

                      Best Things To Have Knowledge In:
                      – Fire Making,
                      – Shelter Making,
                      – And Finding Food.


                      Dave TheDruid-3X3

                        Awens to All:

                        Recently, there was a Contest on the Radio for what is Humanity’s Most Favorite Sport and it turned out to be Fishing and since Fishing is one of Humanity’s Most Ancient Trades, I decided to write my 2023 Imbolc on Fishing.

                        It Goes:

                        Fishing Is:
                        – An Occupation,
                        – Done For Survival,
                        – And For Recreation.

                        Fishing Can Be Done:
                        – In A Boat,
                        – On A Warf,
                        – Or From The Shoreline.

                        Fishing Can Be Done With:
                        – Spears,
                        – Nets,
                        – And Weirs.


                        Best Fishing Baits:
                        – Worms,
                        – Corn,
                        – And Fish Gut.

                        Things Needed For Survival:
                        – Fire,
                        – Blades,
                        – And Shelter.

                        While Recreational Fishing:
                        – You Get Rest,
                        – Relaxation,
                        – And Recuperation.


                        Types Of Fishing Boats:
                        – Row Boats,
                        – Canoes,
                        – And Power Pleasure Crafts.

                        Fishermen Compete For:
                        – Most Fish Caught,
                        – Largest Fish Weighed In,
                        – And Fanciest Equipment.

                        Fish Habitat Must Be:
                        – Protected,
                        – Purified,
                        – And Preserved.


                        Dave TheDruid-3X3

                          Awens to All:

                          Here is my 2012 Imbolc 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom on The Buddhistic Chant of Sharing Loving Kindness.

                          This is based on the Buddhistic Chant of Sharing Loving Kindness which is recited everytime
                          I go to a Tuesday Night Meditation Session at the Buddhist Vihara Temple of Surrey.

                          I have Rewritten the Chant of Sharing Loving Kindness to become one of my 3X3 Triads of

                          It goes:

                          When Sharing Loving Kindness:
                          – One Is Well,
                          – Happy,
                          – And Peaceful.

                          May There Be No:
                          – Difficulties,
                          – Problems,
                          – And Failures In Life.

                          All Should Have:
                          – Patience,
                          – Courage,
                          – And Understanding.


                          When One Is Well:
                          – One Is Healthy,
                          – In A Sound Home,
                          – And With Good Nourishment.

                          Happiness Is:
                          – Having Good Relationships,
                          – Enjoying Ones Work,
                          – And Being Understood.

                          When There is Peace:
                          – There is No War,
                          – No Arguements,
                          – And No Fighting.


                          Other Types of Parents Include:
                          – Step Parents,
                          – Adoptive Parents,
                          – And Spiritual God Parents.

                          Indifferent People are Those Who:
                          – Having Tried to make a Difference,
                          – Failed to do So,
                          – And Then Became Apathetic.

                          All Living Beings Include:
                          – The Trees,
                          – The Fish,
                          – And The Animals.


                          Dave TheDruid-3X3

                            Awens to All:

                            It is as Beltane that New Life is Springing Forth and thus bringing Hope for the next Growing Season. So for this 2023 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem, I have decided to Write it on the Theme of when there is Good Hope for Life on Earth.

                            It Goes:

                            There Is Always Good Hope When:
                            – Birds Sing,
                            – Plants Grow,
                            – And Fish Swim.

                            Hope Comes From:
                            – The Sun Shining,
                            – Seeds Germinating
                            – And Good Karma.

                            What Creates Hope:
                            – Good Cooperative Attitudes,
                            – Happy Festive Times,
                            – And Volunteer’s Help.


                            Birds Sing:
                            – At Springtime,
                            – When Mating,
                            – And When Laying Eggs.

                            Plants Growing:
                            – Creates New Leaves,
                            – Sustenance,
                            – And Oxygen.

                            Fish Swimming About:
                            – Are In Schools,
                            – Enjoy The Clean Water,
                            – And Spawn Creating New Life.


                            – Clean Up The Environment,
                            – Set Up Events,
                            – And Support The Elderly.

                            Festive Times Comes From:
                            – Dancing Circles,
                            – Drum Beats,
                            – And Demonstrations Of Art.

                            Hope Is Lost:
                            – At Times Of War,
                            – Senseless Acts Of Terrorism,
                            – And Seeing Toxic Waste Spills.

                            Dave TheDruid-3X3

                            Dave TheDruid-3X3

                              Awens to All:

                              Based on a Thread on things that need to be kept Sorted, I came up with so many things that need to be kept Sorted that I decided to make it a Subject for a 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem.

                              So this is my 3X3 Lughnasad Poem on what needs to be kept Sorted.

                              It Goes:

                              The Three Important Things To Keep Sorted:
                              – Work,
                              – Home,
                              – And Play.

                              During Lughnasad We Have To Sort Out:
                              – The Harvests Of Green Peas,
                              – Berries,
                              – And Green Onions.

                              People We Need To Keep Sorted:
                              – Friends,
                              – Family,
                              – And Foes.


                              Occupational Things To Keep Sorted:
                              – Personal Protective Equipment,
                              – The Proper Tools,
                              – And Worksite Orientations.

                              Everything That A Home Needs Sorted:
                              – Shelter,
                              – Food,
                              – And Clothing.

                              When Playing We Need To Sort:
                              – Where To Go,
                              – Taking Time Off From Work,
                              – And Having Enough Funds For The Vacation.


                              The Problems Of Life That Always Needs Sorting:
                              – Having Accidents,
                              – Keeping Things From Being Stolen,
                              – And Mending Broken Things.

                              Meals That Is Necessary To Keep Sorted:
                              – Breakfast,
                              – Lunch,
                              – And Dinner.

                              What We Can Not Sort:
                              – Those With Greedy Sociopathic Attitudes,
                              – Preventing Aging,
                              – And Keeping From Being Taxed.


                              Dave TheDruid-3X3

                                Awens to All:

                                Since the subject of Harm has been brought up fairly often in the past couple of years especially in my BC Forums Pagans Forum, I have decided to make it the Dark Subject for this Year’s Samhain 3X3 Triad Poem.

                                It is about what sort of effects Harm can have.

                                So Here It Is –

                                Doing Harm Is:
                                – Destructive,
                                – Creates Bad Karma,
                                – But Sometimes Necessary.

                                The Most Harmful People Are:
                                – Sociopaths,
                                – Psychopaths,
                                – And Narcissistic Perfectionists.

                                When Harm Is Corrected:
                                – There is Happiness,
                                – Joy,
                                – And Celebrations.


                                Destructive Harm:
                                – Vandalism,
                                – Seeking Revenge,
                                – And Bullying Others.

                                Harmful Karma Comes Back:
                                – From Past Lifes Harms,
                                – Effect Your Present Life,
                                – Or Can Haunt Us In Future Lives,

                                Harm Is Sometimes Necessary:
                                – When Defending One Self From Harm,
                                – When Protecting The Bullied,
                                – And When Punishing Criminals.


                                Because Of Harmful People:
                                – We Need The Police,
                                – Social Workers,
                                – And The Fire Brigade.

                                Harm Can Create:
                                – Spiritual,
                                – Emotional,
                                – As Well As Physical Damage.

                                Harm Created When Pranks Go Horribly Wrong:
                                – Old Wounds Might Be Reopened,
                                – Cause Irreparable Damage,
                                – And Can Summon The Wraith Of The GRIM REAPER!

                                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                                  Greetings on this Remembrance Day:

                                  This is my Ode to Blueberry Muffins.

                                  They are so Delicious, Sweet and Nutritious and has a Very Special Memory for me while I was in the Army.

                                  In about 1985, I was on a Military Operation in the Chilliwack Valley during December and we were going about Tactically in the Cold Bushes which were covered with Frost. We were Very Very Cold in that Damp Coldness of the Pacific West Coast Winter.

                                  We did our Exercise Patrols playing being Enemy Force for a group of Officer Candidates who were doing their Tactical Training and after that finally was over, we went back to our Base Camp.

                                  In our Headquarters Tent was a few Bags of Fresh Warm Blueberry Muffins.

                                  After getting back from those Cold Military Maneuver, nothing made us feel better than having Warm Fresh from the Oven Blueberry Muffins!

                                  I have had a Love On for Blueberry Muffins ever since.

                                  So for my Remembrance Day Ode to Blue Berry Muffins, I just Dashed Off this quick 3X3 Triad Poem:

                                  It Goes:

                                  Blue Berry Muffins Are:
                                  – Delicious,
                                  – Sweet,
                                  – And Nutritious.

                                  Blue Berries Is An Excellent Source Of:
                                  – Vitamin A,
                                  – Vitamin C,
                                  – And Vitamin K.

                                  Blue Berries Is Good For The:
                                  – Liver,
                                  – Kidneys,
                                  – And Digestion.


                                  Delicious Food Makes Life:
                                  – Delightful,
                                  – Appealing,
                                  – And Revitalized.

                                  Beneficial Sweet Foods Give You:
                                  – Good Sugars,
                                  – Energy,
                                  – And Healthy Amounts Of Carbohydrates.

                                  Nutritious Foods Have:
                                  – Good Vitamins,
                                  – Nutrients,
                                  – Health Benefits.


                                  Fruits Similar To Blue Berries:
                                  – Huckleberries,
                                  – Saskatoons,
                                  – And Bar Berries.

                                  Muffins Are Best:
                                  – Fresh,
                                  – Moist,
                                  – And With Your Morning Coffee.

                                  Newly Baked Warm Blue Berry Muffins Are Also Great:
                                  – When You A Cold,
                                  – Wet,
                                  – And Miserable Soldier In The Field.

                                  Dave TheDruid-3X3

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