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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Awens to All:

      Since I recently got Good Commendation from the BVS Temple for the Community Gardening that I work on in their latest Grounds Activity Reports, I have Dedicated my Lughnasad 3X3 Triad Poem to Community Gardening.

      In it, I point out the various things that is necessary in order to have a Good Successful Community Garden.

      It goes:

      2020 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad Poem on Good Community Gardening.

      For A Community Garden To Succeed:
      – It Takes Helpful Volunteers,
      – Hard Work,
      – And Devotion.

      Community Garden Produces:
      – Vegetables,
      – Herbs,
      – And Honey.

      Community Gardens Require:
      – Compost,
      – Soil,
      – And Fertilizer.


      Helpful Volunteers:
      – Should Be Respected,
      – Appreciated,
      – And Unselfish.

      It Is Hard Work To:
      – Dig The Garden,
      – Pull Weeds,
      – And Sowing The Seeds.

      One Should Be Devoted To:
      – Their Community,
      – Their Garden Allotment,
      – And The Vegetable Sales Booth.


      Most Profitable Vegetables:
      – Corn,
      – Tomatoes,
      – And Kale.

      Herbs That Attracts Bees:
      – Thyme Blossoms,
      – Sunchoke Daisies,
      – And Irish Heather.

      Community Garden’s Results In:
      – Good Food,
      – Good Spirit,
      – And Good Bounties.


      Dave TheDruid-3X3

        I have been writing my 3X3 Triads of Wisdom Poems since 2006.

        Here is the First One I ever wrote when the concept of such Poetry came to me:

        It is the 3X3 Triad Poem I wrote on April 5th 2006 that describes what Best Defines what Forms of the Universal Deity works best for me:

        My Three Patron Deities are:
        – The Solar God The Sun,
        – The Hiroshima Survivor Kuroganemochi Tree,
        – And Basteth The Egyptian Goddess Of Feline Familiars.

        What I Must Do for my Patron Deities:
        – Be Grateful for Receiving their Gifts,
        – Promote their Messages of Peace,
        – and Pay Homage by Taking Care of their Living Physical Incarnations.

        Three Ways To Appreciate Ones Patron Deities:
        – Do As You Freely Will,
        – Make Harm For None,
        – And Share Their Power & Gifts With Others.


        What The Solar God Gives the Earth:
        – Gravitational Power,
        – The Warmth We Need To Grow,
        – And Light For Photosynthesis.

        My Kuruganemochi Tree Messiah Has:
        – Bark For Skin,
        – Leaves For Breathing,
        – And Sap For Blood.

        What My Feline Familiar Goddess Grants Me:
        – Magical Release Of My Negative Emotional Energies,
        – A Look Of Love And Trust,
        – And Good Quality Companionship.


        The Three Best Things About My Three Patron Deities:
        – They Are Not Vane,
        – They Have No Greed,
        – And They Are Not Egotistical.

        What Everything Needs From My Three Patron Deities:
        – Continued Supply Of Solar Power For Life On Earth,
        – The Message Of Needing More Wisdom,
        – And Sharing My Good Feline Karma With My Neighbors.

        What I Wish To My Three Patron Deities:
        – To Continue To Shine Its Life Giving Power,
        – To Show Its Power By Continuing To Be Healthy,
        – And To Enjoy A Long Happy Healthy Life Prowling In My Garden.


        Dave TheDruid-3X3

          Awens to All:

          As per being Halloween, I once again have made my Samhain 3X3 Triad Poem about the various Lusts or Lustings in our Lives and how they can be Good if handled properly as well as Bad if the Lustings are Unhealthy Ones.

          I call it my 2020 Samhain 3X3 Triad Poem on Lusts and Lustings.

          It Goes:

          What Things To Be Lusted For:
          – Steady Employment,
          – Fairness,
          – And Good Healthy Romance.

          Unhealthy Lusts Create:
          – Bad Karma,
          – Addictions,
          – And Embarrasments.

          Lusts Are Controlled By:
          – Meditation,
          – Therapy,
          – And Satisfaction.


          Steady Employment:
          – Brings Confidence,
          – Reliable Income,
          – And Self Respect.

          When One Is Treated Fairly:
          – It Should Not Be Taken For Granted,
          – Should Be Appreciated,
          – And Not Taken Advantage Of.

          A Romance:
          – Is Wonderful,
          – Loveable,
          – And Fleeting.


          When Taking Others For Granted:
          – One Is Feared,
          – Is Disrespected,
          – And Considered A Bully.

          Bad Karma From Lustings:
          – May Come Back Soon,
          – Sometime In The Future,
          – But Always Comes Back.

          There Are Wonderful:
          – Lives,
          – Friendships,
          – And Relationships.



            the lust seems it is coming from fear, 3×3, fear of not having employment, or fear of not having life fulfillment. any type of career or path taken in fear never works. only when we face what we are afraid of and deal with the fear in a logical way are we happy. and when we are up against a wall, the worst thing that can happen is for fear to make us make bad decisions. fear is the mind killer, and can make bad situations worse quick. we must try to live from a centered feeling of the universe is alright, and not be afraid of it. learning is easier when you enjoy what you are learning, and are not doing it from fear. following a heard does not make us happy and can create ecological disaster. there are techniques for controlling and dealing with anxiety, and one of them is to get out into nature and exercise. courses in anxiety management and dealing with fear are essential. and there are things we can not change and are beyond our control, so work on things you can control because there are things that you have no power over and will have to live with, but that does not mean that we should be silent about global warming and the coming end of the world , because if we do not all shout out about the real danger of going on like everything is 1950s fine. the flood is coming if we do not scream and shout to the corporate world about how the whole human race is in danger with global warming, and it is too late to colonize mars and io and europa or the moon. our world is dying, and we need to make sure the corporate greed of the wealthy who have brought us to this point understand that their grandchildren and all life on earth will perish in the flood if the global warming is not stopped. so it is time to stop building arcs and start building communication systems that make people aware that the madness and insanity of global warming that must and shall stop. got news, Jesus is not coming back, and we all need to speak up about how the earth is being destroyed ecologically. just look at the science.

            A couple of years ago, you may recall the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a several-hundred-page analysis. They concluded that, on our present course, we’re likely to reach four degrees Celsius, seven degrees Fahrenheit, above preindustrial levels by the end of the century. That’s an utter cataclysm. Any climate scientist will tell you that.

            oct 30, 2020 newyorker , Noam Chomsky.


              fear can be dealt with by changing your life script, we are all programed to fail by bad teachers and cruel parents who tell us we are no good at art, and story, and music, and whatever they decide to destroy our hopes and dreams and mind with. get rid of the negative thought patterns and upload a new way of looking at the world, you have to stop with anything that is stopping your full life potential. set goals, feel the fear and do it, you can do it, erase the bad messages from the slurking tongue lickers chewed flurry of flurk and slurk. The awenyddion

              three things stopping you from reaching your full potential
              1. messages from the past from authority characters
              2. not setting goals
              3. being afraid to feel the fear and ride the source of the wave anyway

              note it is often a good idea to check with elders and people who you can trust before making radical life changing decisions. there are a lot of people out there with good advice and a lot of idiots with bad advice. try to check several sources, and find some good people who you can trust to give you good directions. we all need a little help from our friends and friendly wise wizards and witches. also don’t trust people who keep telling you they are christians so they can identify with your concept of good, real christians don’t go around shouting they are real christians, only con people do that. don’t give up on what you love, just keep trying until you get it right. don’t always assume the worst will happen. cheer up, and don’t hang on in quiet desperation, also, praying does work because all is interconnected, go butterfly ridding and remember to let nature wow you now and then, and don’t eat too much cheese


                3 things fracking does

                1. ruin the groundwater, the drinking water, and all frack wells leak after enough time
                2. puts methane gas in the air
                3. destroys the animals and plants by the left over fracking ponds full of fracking fluid

                plus America and Australia’s environments are getting destroyed because of fracking, and many children are being hurt from fracking fluid in the ground and drinking water.

                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                  When I was taking First Aid Training in 2006, I wrote this 3X3 Triad Poem while taking the Course.

                  It Goes:

                  The First Aid 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition:

                  As Well As Providing Care A First Aid Attendant Should:
                  – Positively Affect the Outcome of Work Related Injuries,
                  – Record Reported Symptoms of Injuries,
                  – And Make Decision To Send Worker To Further Medical Aid.

                  When Approaching A Site Of An Accident One Must Make A Scene Assessment for:
                  – Further Accident Site Hazards,
                  – What Is The Mechanism Of The Injury.
                  – And determine Number of People Injured.

                  After Scene Assessment What Is The Rest Of The Medical Aid Priority Action Approach:
                  – Do The Primary Survey,
                  – Preform Critical Interventions,
                  – And Commense Secondary Survey.


                  What To Check For In The Primary Survey:
                  – A = Airway Assessment with C-Spine Control,
                  – B = Breathing Assessement,
                  – C = Circulation Assessment.

                  When Assessing Breathing One Checks For:
                  – Rate Of Breaths Per Minute,
                  – Determine Quality Of The Breaths Effectiveness.
                  – And Assess Needs For Critical Respritory Interventions.

                  As Well As Checking For Heart Beats One Should Sheck For:
                  – Signs Of Circulatory Shock,
                  – Check For Massive Bleeding,
                  – And Assess Needs For Critical Circulatory Interventions.


                  What Is The Common Causes Of Airway Obstruction:
                  – Tongue Falling Back In The Throat,
                  – Foriegn Bodies,
                  – And Throat Tissues Swelling.

                  What Are The Three “P”s Of Hermorrhage Control:
                  – Apply ‘Pressure’ To The Bleeding with Bandages,
                  – Position Patient Supine Putting Patient At Rest,
                  – And Position Part” That Is Bleeding To A Elevated Position.

                  What To check For When Doing Secondary Survey:
                  – Assess Vital Signs,
                  – Take Down History Of The Injury,
                  – Complete Head To Toe Examination.


                  Dave TheDruid-3X3

                    Awens to All:

                    My 2021 Imbolc 3X3 Triad of Wisdom is durived from Words of Wisdom from the Memoir Book “Encounters” by Orai Fujikawa Sensei-San.

                    I originally met him at the December 8th, 2008 Citizens for Kyoto Accord demonstration at the Vancouver Central Museum when I got to see him make a Speech about Protecting the Environment from the Buddhistic Point of View.

                    In the years since, I have become one of his Devotees becoming his regular Email Pen Pal. This is mainly because Orai Sensei-San has shown Respect to my Writings, Opinions and Philosophies.

                    During the Pandemic, he got together his Memoir and I had the Honor of being the One to Buy the FIRST COPY. Since he has been Respectful of my Writings, Poems and Essays, I am being Respectful of His.

                    I read it over and instead of posting onto the Internet a Review of the Book, I decided to write a 3X3 Triad Poem and making it my First 3X3 Triad of 2021 by E-Publishing it on the Morning of Imbolc Feb 1st.

                    It Goes:

                    2021 Imbolc 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom On Orai Sensei-San’s Encounters:

                    Orai Sensei’s Encounters Tell Of:
                    – Humorous Stories,
                    – Solemn Obituaries,
                    – And Great Wisdoms Of The NamoAmidaButsu.

                    Hiroshima’s Sandankyo Three Stage Falls Tells Of:
                    – How Stupid,
                    – Gullible,
                    – And Self Centered Humans Are.

                    The Buddhistic Gong’s Charm Is Its:
                    – Deep,
                    – Serene,
                    – And Tranquil Sounds.


                    Temple Funds Were Raised By Selling:
                    – Yaki Soba Noodles,
                    – Sweet & Sour Pork,
                    – And Rice.

                    The Japanese Word Mottainai Represents:
                    – Reducing,
                    – Reusing,
                    – And Recycling.

                    Our Relationships Can Be Hampered By:
                    – Past Experience Prejudices,
                    – Ignorances,
                    – And Misconceptions.


                    Buddha Nature Consists Of:
                    – Peace Of Mind,
                    – Purity Of Thought,
                    – And A Compassionate Heart.

                    Most Ordinary People Pretend To:
                    – Know More,
                    – Be Smarter,
                    – And Be Better Than Others.

                    When You Have Truly Discovered Yourself:
                    – You Will Feel Great Joy,
                    – Freedom,
                    – And Peace.

                    The First Triad was Mine. The rest of them are Orai Sensei’s Words of NamoAmidaButsu Wisdoms taken from his Memoir.

                    Dave TheDruid-3X3

                    Dave TheDruid-3X3

                      Awens to All:

                      For Everyone’s Information as well as Enlightenment, I have decided to post a 3X3 Triad Poem from 2008.

                      This is my 2008 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition
                      On How to be my Peaceable Friend:

                      In Order To Be My Peaceable Friend:
                      – One Has To Show Respect For My Sacred Tree.
                      – To Make Endeavours To Serve Mother Nature.
                      – And To Live By The Wiccan Rede.

                      For A Girl To Gain My Affection:
                      – She Has To Appreciate My Feline Familiar.
                      – She Has To Be Dependable.
                      – And She Must Have Reverence For The Earth.

                      The Fastest Way To Lose My Respect:
                      – Is By Subjecting Me To Censorship.
                      – By Being Dogmatic.
                      – And By Being Hypocritical.


                      To Show Respect For My Sacred Tree:
                      – All Other Trees Must Be Respected Too.
                      – A Garden Of Plants Should Be Grown.
                      – And A Sacred Grove Maintained.

                      Some Good Endeavours For Serving Mother Nature:
                      – Is By Volunteering For Preserving The Earth.
                      – By Recycling.
                      – And By Helping The Poor.

                      The Wiccan Rede Is Practiced By:
                      – Doing As You Freely Wilt.
                      – Committing No Harm.
                      – And Invoking The Code Of Restorative Justice.


                      When One Is Compassionate Towards My Feline Familiar:
                      – She Will Purr Loudly.
                      – She Will Reciprocate Lovingly.
                      – And she Will Sleep On Top Of You.

                      In Order To Preserve Nature:
                      – Take Only What You Need.
                      – Put Back Something Good.
                      – And By Not Making Unnecessary Waste.

                      How To Be Considered Dependable:
                      – By Never Lying.
                      – By Being Emotionally Open.
                      – And Meaning What One Says.


                      Dave TheDruid-3X3

                        Awens to All:

                        This is one of my Favorite 3X3 Triads of Wisdom that I wrote. It comes from a Triad I created on a Discussion Thread on BowlandCentral.com that was on the subject of What Are The True Religion.

                        It Goes:

                        2008 Imbolc 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition on
                        What Are The True Religions:

                        What Are the True Religions –
                        – The Ones that Provide Good Guidance in Life.
                        – The Ones which Reveals the Power of Nature.
                        – And the Ones which allows Freedom of Will.

                        What is the Purposes of Religion –
                        – To Understand the World around us.
                        – To Appreciate the Cycles of Life.
                        – And to be able to have Peace.

                        What False Religions Do –
                        – They keep People in Ignorance!
                        – They Cause Harm unto Others!
                        – And they Endeavour to Enslave!


                        With Good Guidance in Life –
                        – The Fruits of Plenty are Enjoyed.
                        – Many Happy Relations are Founded.
                        – And the Needs of Others is Satisfied.

                        Where is the Power of Nature –
                        – In the Cleansing Forces of Storms.
                        – In the Sprout of a New Seedling.
                        – And in the Solar Rays of the Sun.

                        With Freedom of Will –
                        – Negative Emotions are Cleansed Away.
                        – One Enjoys a Happy Life.
                        – And One gets Closer to Mother Nature.


                        New Beliefs are like New Seedlings because –
                        – They need Care and Cultivation to Grow.
                        – They get Stronger with Age.
                        – And they eventually Spread Seeds of New Knowledge.

                        To Prevent Ingnorance –
                        – One needs the Knowledge of the Ages.
                        – Better Wisdoms must be Exercised.
                        – And the Free Exchanging of New Ideas.

                        When Satisfaction is Achieved –
                        – Feelings of Bad Karma are Dispelled.
                        – The Need for Greed is Abated.
                        – And Nothing More is taken from the Earth.


                        david poole

                          You are really good at these triads 3 x3 looking back through them I think that they very succinctly sum up many inspiring ideas and values. Triads are very good for meditating upon and are simple enough to remember and to work with.

                          Dave TheDruid-3X3

                            David Poole is Perfectly Correct. Triads are one of many things that are Very Good for Meditation.

                            So having mentioned it, I did write a 3X3 Triad Poem on the subject of Meditation.

                            It was my 2010 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition which was E-Published on the morning of August 1st 2010.

                            It goes:

                            3X3 Triad of Wisdom on “Meditation” –

                            One Meditates Through:
                            – Chantings,
                            – The Breath,
                            – And the Feet.

                            When on a Meditative Retreat:
                            – Have No TV,
                            – Remove All Peer Pressures,
                            – And Enjoy Nature.

                            One Can Meditate:
                            – While Working,
                            – In Water,
                            – And At Home.


                            Natural Meditative Chants:
                            – Sounds of Birds Singing,
                            – The Babbling of a Brook,
                            – And the Wind Rustling through the Trees.

                            Breath Mediation:
                            – Takes Patience,
                            – Time,
                            – And Correct Practice.

                            One Does Meditation through the Feet:
                            – When Walking,
                            – Sitting,
                            – Or Standing.


                            Aquatic Meditations:
                            – Sooths,
                            – Cleanses,
                            – And Refreshes.

                            Meditation Helps To Investigate:
                            – The Natures of Reality,
                            – Truth,
                            – And Goodness.

                            Meditation Increases:
                            – Alertness,
                            – Awareness,
                            – And the Ability to Sustain Attention.


                            Dave TheDruid-3X3

                              Awens to All:

                              Since this is the Time of Year that the Weather Improves enough for being able to go off to enjoy Nature by going Camping, I decided to make my 2021 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom to be on the Subject of Camping.

                              It Goes:

                              For Camping You Need:
                              – Shelter,
                              – Food,
                              – And Fire.

                              Best Places For Camping:
                              – A Secluded Spot In The Forests,
                              – A Spot With Loads Of Fire Wood,
                              – And A Spot Without Cell Phone Service.

                              While Camping You Can Hear:
                              – Birds Singing,
                              – Crickets Chirping,
                              – And Frogs Croaking.


                              Shelters For Camping:
                              – Tents,
                              – Awnings,
                              – Or Even Trailer Caravans.

                              Best Foods For Camping:
                              – Steak,
                              – Hamburgers,
                              – And Hot Dogs.

                              Fire Is Made With:
                              – Tinder,
                              – Oxygen,
                              – And Ignition.


                              Camping Chores:
                              – Chopping Wood,
                              – Setting Up Shelters,
                              – And Building The Fire Ring.

                              Best Camping Cooking Impliments:
                              – Your BarBQ,
                              – A Propane Stove,
                              – And A Cast Iron Frying Pan.

                              Camping Is For:
                              – Recreation,
                              – Practicing Survival Skills,
                              – And Getting Back To Nature.

                              Dave TheDruid-3X3

                              Dave TheDruid-3X3

                                Awens to All:

                                This is my 3X3 Triad of Wisdom for 2021 Lughnasad and upon deciding to go Solitary and Reclusive with my Nature Worshipping Beliefs, I decided to see if there is any good Druidistic Reading Material on the subject of Practicing Solitary and happened upon the Book ‘Awens Along’ by Joanna Van Der Hoeven.

                                I found Joanna’s Book to be quite Insightful, so my 2021 Lughnasad is Complimentary to Joanna’s Book and has Triads that are taken from her Book as well as a couple I created myself on Solitary Practices of Ancient Celtic Druids.

                                It Goes:

                                The Solitary Druid Is:
                                – Free Of Social Conventions,
                                – Restrictions,
                                – And Dogmatic Attitudes.

                                Solitary Druidistic Inspirations Flows From:
                                – Deity,
                                – Nature,
                                – Or From Where Ever You Choose.

                                A Solitary Druid Works To Find:
                                – Balance,
                                – Harmony,
                                – And Truth.


                                Solitary Druids Revere The Ancestors:
                                – Of Blood,
                                – Place,
                                – And Tradition.

                                Spirits Of Place Acknowledge Those Who Built:
                                – Our Houses,
                                – Villages,
                                – And Towns.

                                Ancestors Of Tradition Hold The Similar:
                                – Beliefs,
                                – Morals,
                                – And Attitudes.


                                Solitary Druids Always Get To Enjoy:
                                – Peace,
                                – Tranquility,
                                – And The Wonders Of Nature However They Like.

                                Solitary Rituals Are Shared With The Spirits Of The:
                                – Land,
                                – Ancestors,
                                – And The Gods Of Their Wish.

                                When Doing Ritual As A Solitary Druid:
                                – One Can Fart,
                                – Belch,
                                – And Swear Without Offending Anyone.

                                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                                  Awens to All:

                                  Today is Samhain and that is the Dark Part of the Year and this is the Sacred Sabbath that I write about some of the Dark Issues of Life.

                                  During the Past Year, there have been a lot of issues concerning Racism with the Black Lives Matter Movement that brought about a lot of Vandalism & Violence so I decided to making Racism the subject for this Samhain’s 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition.

                                  So here it Goes –

                                  The 2021 Samhain 3X3 Triad Poem on Racism:

                                  Racism Is Based On:
                                  – Color,
                                  – Language,
                                  – And Culture Of That Race.

                                  Racism Has Existed:
                                  – In The Past,
                                  – During The Present,
                                  – And Will Go On Into The Future.

                                  Racism Does Not Exist Within:
                                  – The Trees,
                                  – Plants,
                                  – And Herbs.


                                  Colors Of The Races:
                                  – White,
                                  – Black,
                                  – And Yellow.

                                  Languages Communicate:
                                  – Needs,
                                  – Wants,
                                  – Or Desires.

                                  Cultures Can Be:
                                  – Benevolent,
                                  – Sociable,
                                  – Or Intolerant.


                                  In The Past Racism Was A Defence Against:
                                  – Outside Invaders,
                                  – Pillagers,
                                  – And Members Of Conquering Armies.

                                  Racial Intolerances Has Existed:
                                  – Between Tribes,
                                  – In Countries,
                                  – And Within Continents.

                                  Racism Is Perpetrated By:
                                  – Black Negros,
                                  – Yellow Asians,
                                  – As Well As White Caucasians.

                                  Dave TheDruid-3X3

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