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    Dave TheDruid-3X3

      Awens to All:

      I originally wrote this essay while Camping Out in Pacific Spirit Park in UBC on the night of 2003’s Autumnal Equinox.  There is a Spot where someone had been Building a Log Cabin and I wrote it while Camping Out inside of the Ruins of this Old Log Cabin in order to Help Explain my Feelings on how Humanity had come out of its Natural Balance and is now doing things that are Not Natural.  I was trying to Express my Feelings about how Jay Handel, they guy who Killed his Children and Burnt his House in Northern Vancouver Island in 2002, after his Wife had left him. 

      It was originally called “The Supreme Lifeform”, but one of the First People who ever read it suggested that it appeared to be some sort of Manifesto so I Renamed it “The Supreme Lifeform Manifesto”.   

      I then posted the Essay as “The Supreme Lifeform Manifesto” onto various Message Boards and some People made some Constructive Comments from which and I made a series of changes to it. So it started as Supreme Lifeform Manifesto version1.0, and for about 6 years, changed into becoming Supreme Lifeform Manifesto Essay version 5.2 or so. 

      Then I made a change to myself and started writing under the Name of “TheDruid-3X3”.  And since I had been reading Aleister Crowley’s Book Of The Law, I decided to rename my Supreme Lifeform Manifesto Essay to “3X3’s Book Of The Law”.  That was because I found Aleister Crowley’s Book Of The Law tp be lacking for any respects for Nature.  It was just a big Proclamation towards his own Divinity, and lacked an Feelings of Pity, Compassion or Mercy for the Poor and Destitute. 

      I basically made my Essay into a “Book Of The Law” to Hopefully Replace Aleister Crowley’s so that my Book Of The Law will maybe someday become part the Hearts and Spirits of all Celtic Pagans, Druids and Buddhists everywhere.  

      It goes as follows:

      Part #1: The Origins of Intelligence: 

      According to Carl Sagan in his Cosmos programs, the Universe started with the Big Bang approximately 15 Billion years ago. According to Neo Paganistic Cosmologies, that was the time that the Great Goddess of the Forces of Nature stirred and split off from herself her physical form and then give birth to the God. So for billions of years thereafter, the Wheel of Time revolved with Mother Nature spinning the Fabric of Life while the God Father Time turned the Great Wheel in the Sky. 

      Then about 4.5 Billion years ago, our Solar Systems came into being with all the Planets orbiting around Sun. Then on one of the Planets Life stirred and evolved approximately 3.8 Billion years ago. Since that time, all the Creatures, Trees, and Plants lived in a gigantic harmonious struggle for the continuation of life. Sometimes the struggle for life’s continuation was Beautiful, Peaceful, and Benign. Sometimes it was Cruel, Brutal, and Heartless. But it was always constrained within the guidelines of the Changing Cycles of Life, the Seasons, and the Stars.  

      Then the time came, about 10 Thousand Years ago that one of the creatures of the Earth developed intelligence enough to realize that grains could be farmed. And almost simultaneously, the Chinese started farming rice, the American Indians started farming Corn, and the peoples of the Middle East started farming Wheat and Barley.  

      So after being able to Harvest Grains and Domesticating some Local Animals in the Fertile Crescent, which is between Southern Turkey, Syria and Northern Iraq, humanity then a good reliable food source readily available.  

      So after developing a good reliable Food Supply, instead of always having to hunt down and kill their Food as they had to do as Nomadic Hunter Gatherers, the peoples of the Fertile Crescent were able to settle down in one place as they did not have to move around as much anymore. 

      So with Storable Food Supplies to last the Winters, Humanity then had a lot more leisure time to experiment with his environment working to figure out ways to make life more easier. From that era, they figured out how make Cement out of Limestone, how to work with Fire more efficiently creating the Art of Metal Working and Kiln Dried Pottery, thus the Copper, Bronze and then Iron Ages began.  During this time, Mother Nature was the earliest companion of Primitive Mankind. She provided the bounty with which our distant Ancestors could shelter and survive. In return for Nature’s abundance, people at that time the earliest Religions Worshipped and Revered Nature.  

      Then after a period of experimentation, Humanity then developed a rudimentary method of communication in the Neolithic Fertile Crescent which were mainly used as Counting Tokens. It is not like it was a new development, as many other lifeforms in the past had developed rudimentary forms of Communication such as a Bird’s Calls, Colorful Plumages or Courtship Rituals which Nature designed in order to help signify things like: “This is Mine.”, “I Wish to find a Mate.”, or “Hey! There is Food here!”.  

      But the humans, in their endeavours to find better ways to communicate such necessities of life, developed this new method of communication called Writing. At the same time, the Sumerians were communicating with their Cuneiform Writing, the Egyptian developed them Hieroglyphics, and the Chinese had started developing their Kanji Script. In those three cultures, with the new invention of Writing, these people were able to organize the first rudimentary Governments, document Knowledge, and Record History. The Celtic Oghum “Tree Alphabet” was then created to be used for being engraved onto Bones as well as Larger Standing stones. Archeological findings have shown them always appear on Landmarks, Property Markers or on Burial Monuments. The Neolithic Celts had an Oral Tradition, so Oghum was not used to write Stories or History as these were memorized.

      To further show the power of Writing, just look at how Humanity has changed the World since the 14th century when Johannes Gutenberg invented the Moveable Type Printing Press. It was through his invention that technological advances could be chronicled for future development by other Scientists and Inventors. Such ability to chronicle such advances in technology allowed technology to be further improved to the point of our being able to enjoy the standards of living we now have today.  

      In time, the new invention of Writing evolved to become more and more complex and more and more information could be recorded for Future Generations to take advantage of. It was at that time that Humanity (at about a millennium of so before the Biblical Exodus), upon seeing that we had bettered Nature in so many respects, we then proclaimed ourselves as being created in some sort of Godlike Image, and some misguided theological philosophers then wrote that down into various Holy Scriptures about 5 to 6 thousand years ago such as Genesis 1, verses 26 to 31.


      Part #2 – Chronicle of Humankind’s Greatest Sin: 

      So the ancient Egyptians then proclaimed themselves as being created in a Godlike Image by placing one of their Great Strong Heroes on a Throne and proclaimed him Pharaoh, the living embodiment of God on Earth.  

      At this time, when the Egyptians were building their Pyramids and Temples, the Northern European Celtic Druids, who had already correctly identified the forces of Nature as something to be Venerated, were also doing their own building and had built The Stonehenge several hundred years before the Pyramids were built. It was upon the Stonehenge and similar structures that the Sacred Cycles of all Life was Worshipped.  

      In the meantime, the Egyptians were building great massive structures proclaiming each successive Pharaoh as created in a Godlike Image. As time went on, the Temples depicting Human Pharaohs as being created in a Godlike Images got ever bigger, larger, and grander.  

      Soon the Egyptian concept of Pharaoh being created in a Godlike Image spread to neighboring Middle Eastern Countries, and other races of the human species started proclaiming themselves as created in Godlike Images too. Unfortunately, that only got proclaimed for their own particular Peoples, Tribes, or Races, and that was when Racism was First Invented.  

      Eventually, the Egyptians found that they lacked sufficient manpower and wealth to carry on building their growing megaliths of architectural beauty, so since they considered Pharaoh as created in a Godlike Image, and their Pharaoh ordered it to be done so (an order he made to reinforce his own superiority complex), the Egyptians went forth conquering and enslaving other peoples (such as the Hebrews) to be made to serve Pharaoh in building their massive megaliths of architecture.  

      Since the Hebrew Prophet Abraham had proclaimed that all people were created in a Godlike Image, and that God had granted humanity dominion over the Earth (sorry, humanity TOOK dominion over the Earth under the guidelines set out by the Scripture of Genesis 1 verses 26 to 31! No Wise form of Deity worth their weight in Wisdom would ever grant any singular Lifeform of the Earth dominion over the Earth!!!). After that Proclamation of Abraham’s, the Hebrews resented their bondage by the Egyptians. This led to the Biblical Exodus under Moses.

      Then it was at about 560 BC in the History of Humanity that the Great Buddha was Born and after coming to his Enlightenmented Deductions that all Animals, Trees, Plants and Herbs were just as important as Humanity and that all Life of the Earth is a part of a sentient circle of Life, all being dependent on each other for Survival. The Great Buddha then started walking the Earth of Asia, spreading the word of the Philosophies that came from his achieving his new level of Enlightenment.

      Then, Alexander the Great conquered the Middle East and Asia, establishing the Ptolemies of Egypt.  They ruled in their own right and then smartly created alliances with Rome until Cleopatra in 43 AD. However, the Hebrews resisted the Romans with such fervor using the passive resistance tactics prescribed by Jesus Christ, that the Romans expelled the Hebrews throughout the known world similarly as the British did when they expelled the French Acadians from Canada during the war of 1812. 

      During the time of the Romans, the Romans, under the leadership of Julius Caesar, came north and conquered Gaul, Carthage, and the British Isles. They imposed their pantheon on Gods (all depicted in a human image) on the Druids and outlawed the Druid’s Worship of Nature, Earth, and the Cycles of Life. The Druids simply adapted, accepting the new Roman Gods as their own, and carried on worshipping the Cycles of Life in Secret.  

      Then came the great Middle Eastern Prophet Mohamed, who once again proclaimed that all peoples of Earth are created in a Godlike Image. He preached Peace, Love, and Understanding just as Abraham, and Jesus Christ had. Unfortunately, he named the new Muslim God Allah, and not the God, the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost as the established Christians believed. So that brought about the animosity that led to the Crusades, of which Jesus Christ might have just said if he had been alive at the time: “Leave them at Peace to worship God in their own way, and let us worship God in our own way in Peace”. Unfortunately, J.C. was not around to say so. The over zealous Christians then invaded the Middle East and created the inter-racial animosities that have lasted to this day (ie: the World Trade Center attacks).  

      It was at this point in time, following the Crusades, that the deadly persecutions of the Nature Worshipping Druids and the Celtic Pagans began by the over zealous Catholics. This culminated with the horrible Genocidal Witch Hunts in Salem in the 1600s. This came to an end with the refounding of the significance of Stonehenge by John Aubrey during the 1700s.  

      It was also during this time that the over zealous Catholics went about traveling the Earth and eventually arriving in Asia where they decried Buddhism as Heathenistic and worked to convert the Buddhists to Christianity with the same fervor as they worked to convert the Native Peoples of the American Continents. 

      Now since the time humanity was proclaimed in a Godlike Image, humanity has been driven to prove it by being bigger, grander, and more important than humanity actually is. That is why certain people who believe in such philosophies demand bigger houses, flashier cars, and nicer clothes. That has been the reasoning for humanity wanting to be superior over our fellow man, other lifeforms, and over Nature itself. In the endeavor of doing such things, we have done terrible things to each other in order to prove it without realizing that creating such Bad Karma always eventually comes back to haunt us. This includes such things as fighting meaningless wars (the aforementioned Crusades), being in total dominance over others (ie: the murderous Jim Jones of Jonestown Ghana), and having the psychotic need of being in total control over everything, including committing abuses on our own Children and such abuses being exasperated by the Written Notion that Fathers and Mothers always being Honored under the 5th Commandment no matter what. 

      It is because of the religious belief that humanity being created in a Godlike Image that has caused the human emotions of Egotism, Vanity, and Greed to be created. If the old prophets Abraham, Jesus Christ, and Mohamed had of had any idea how much death, suffering, and destruction would be inflicted by humanity onto his fellow man, other life forms, and the Earth in their names, they would have kept their mouths shut, and not ever preached a word to anyone, and would have gone onto other pursuits or occupations.   

      Part #3: The True Supreme Lifeform:  

      Then it was on the 10th of June 2000, I positively identified the Earth’s most Supreme Lifeform!!!

      I was on a trip to Japan visiting my old roommate. We had met when we were both volunteers for the Vancouver Healing Voices Organization that had been formed in order to put on the 50th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremonies for the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki. After that was done, him and I then became roommates for about a year and we even have the same birthdates (2nd of June). In 2000, I went to Japan to a 2 week Birthday Party Holiday. 

      The first week was spent with my old roommate. We basically ate, drink, and partied our heads off. After that, I then went on a week long Atomic Bomb pilgrimage to both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

      I spent one day and night in Hiroshima and then two days and nights in Nagasaki. I saw things in those towns that totally blew my mind. 
      I found the party atmosphere in Hiroshima to be much better than in Nagasaki, so after two days in Nagasaki, I returned to Hiroshima to party some more. I spent four more days touring, partying, and learning in Hiroshima. I was staying in the Hiroshima Youth Hostel where I made friends there with a Swedish gentleman (I can not remember his name) and a Japanese girl from Kyoto named Kyoko-San. 

      On the 10th of June, our trio went downtown and toured around. It was about 2:00pm or so when we happened into the Rai Sanyo Shiseki Museum. It is about 100 meters south of the intersection of Rijodori and Hondori Streets, which was the A-Bomb Hypocenter and we decided to go inside this museum’s compound. It turned out that Rai Sanyo was a famous Samurai whose job was to be a Japanese Philosopher. The Shogun of the time liked his writings, so ordered him to stay in a specially constructed house and write his philosophies. Rai Sanyo was sent to Hiroshima, and was not allowed to leave the house (Rai Sanyo tried escaping a few times, only to be caught and forcibly brought back). As a memorial to Rai Sanyo-San, the house was declared a national historic landmark to be preserved (and has since been rebuilt). 

      After looking at that, we went back into the courtyard and found a Japanese “Kuroganemochi” Holy Tree with a sign next to it. The sign stated that this Kuroganemochi Tree was in the Atomic Bomb Explosion, and that it was burnt to a smoldering stump flat to the ground. The sign even invites you to examine the ground around the new tree’s roots for remnants of the old tree’s roots. I did so and there they were. The sign then states that in the months that followed the A-Bomb dropping, a new tree started sprouting from out of the old original burnt roots, and eventually grew all the way back to full Health and Vigour without any deformities whatsoever.  

      As I was having my mind blown by this revelation, I then thought back into my past of a M*A*S*H episode I saw as a child in 1974 where Hawkeye and Trapper John were using a fictional Captain Tuttle to do good philanthropedic deeds for the local orphanage. In order to confuse Majors Burns and Houlihan, they had to make up a totally fictional personnel file on the fictional Captain Tuttle. In the scene where Hawkeye and Trapper John are making the fictional file, they come to the point where the file asks for the subject’s religion. Hawkeye goes, “Religion, hmmmm. Lets make him a Druid”. Trapper John asks, “A Druid? What’s that?”. Hawkeye responds, “They are tree worshippers. They worship Trees”. To which Trapper John shrugs his shoulders and responds, “OK, make him a Druid”. Then Hawkeye mutters, “Druid”, to himself as he writes it into the file. As I was marveling at the Kuroganemochi Holy Tree, when that M*A*S*H scene came back to me, and I started thinking to myself over and over, “Become a Druid, become a Druid. Yes, become a Druid”. And that is why I am here today having written this essay. It was actually from that M*A*S*H episode that I first heard the word Druid, although I did run across the word again in my late teens while I was playing the game Dungeons and Dragons.  

      Later on, when I saw how the Buddhists did not react violently when the Taliban of Afghanistan were blowing up Ancient Buddhistic Temples in their country that I came to realize how Peaceful and Blessed Buddhism is.  Never in the Histories of Buddhism that I have ever read of the Buddhists having fought a War in the name of their Religion.   When faced with an Enemy such as the Taliban, or the Mongol Hordes in the 13th Century, they have always used Passive Resistance, go quietly underground with their beliefs and wait for the Invading Armies to grow Old and pass into History.  They then come out of their Monasteries or other hiding places, repair the damage the Enemy did and then go on with their Lives Peacefully and Harmoniously.  I have even known them to form alliances with similar Cultures whose belief system are similar to theirs.  In Japan, the Buddhists and Japanese Shintoists, although being different Religions, worship together and even help each other doing their Rituals and Holidays together.

      That is why I am also a Dedicant of Japanese Buddhism and Japanese Shintoism because I have reverence for their Peaceable Belief Systems. 

      Now when I was on a posting to a certain Canadian Forces Army Base in Alberta in the early 1990s, I went to Drumheller’s Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. It has a lot of paleontological history chronicled in it. In it, I observed that whatever caused the dinosaurs to go extinct (I think it was a huge asteroid hitting the Earth), all the Trees and Plants of the Earth easily survived it and grew all the way back after a few decades.  

      Also, I saw an archeology show on the Discovery Channel chronicling how the growth of life in Ireland and Europe slowed right down form 536 AD to 538 AD. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough with a video tape to record the program. In the program they did research on why there was such a slow down in Plant Growth. After examining various cultural records from that time period, it was found that the Chinese had recorded a massive explosion sound wave coming form the general direction of the South Pacific, namely the Island of Krakatoa. There are records of a great cloud of volcanic dust covering the Earth, and no light got through for two years causing nothing to grow, and there were great famines. It was because of the Panic of this Great Famine that caused the final collapse of the Roman Byzantine Empire. Now before the 1880s, Krakatoa was densely forested without any sign of the 536 AD explosion. Then during the 1880s, it exploded again and within 50 years, Krakatoa’s island remnants where once again densely reforested. No matter how massively that island explodes, there are always at least some seeds that survive to later regrow.  

      So if Trees, Plants and Herbs are a Lifeforms that can easily out survive Atomic Bomb blasts at point blank range, asteroids hitting the Earth killing the dinosaurs, and Krakatoa exploding, then the Trees and Plants of the Earth are easily the more superior life form to humans as well as the other organic life forms.  The Trees and Plants of Earth have out survived humanity by 100s of millions of years, and will continue to out survive us by 100s of millions of years until the great solar body the Sun either explodes or implodes.  

      Now it is the Trees and Plants of Earth, by way of their photosynthesis, that provides us with the oxygen that we need to breath, and if we do not treat them with more respect, then they will cut us off of our oxygen supply and we will all die off from asphyxiation. Once we have died off, the surviving Trees and Plants will spread their seeds and grow right back. We have to stop taking them for granted like the peoples of Easter Island, Haiti have as well as the peoples of South America now are doing.  

      As a matter of a fact, if Humanity wants to survive the Nucleo Technological Age that we have created around ourselves, we all have to change your priorities in Life. Although we should do as we Freely Will, we have to make sure to Harm None. Humanity now has to start Druidistically Worshipping, Serving, and preserving the Trees, Plants and Herbs of the Planet Earth before our own selfish aims and we must set up an atmosphere where we can all do it without fear of Excommunication, Ridicule, or Censorship.  We have all served our own Selfish Aims for far too long.  It we do not start paying the Trees and Plants with Reverence and Respect soon, then they will soon stopping providing us with the Food, Atmosphere, and Oxygen that we all need to Live. 

      So in conclusion, if you want my opinion on what life form is created in a Godlike Image, I would point out that it is the Trees and Plants of Earth, especially the Hiroshima Survivor Kuroganemochi Holly Tree, which I hold in absolute veneration.


      david poole

        The Gaia Hypothesis from James Lovelock is something which I favour a lot. This is a Greek name but the idea is basically that planet Earth is a living organism, with thoughts, feelings and moods hence she can react to being hurt and can also have moods and temperaments just like any other creature. This basically makes the Earth a host while we are like parasites, and very harmful parasites at that. Not very reassuring for us in the long term unless we do something about it. This would make the Earth into a being which needs to be worshipped. Which is basically what we have to do.


          The Gaia Hypothesis from James Lovelock is something which I favour a lot. This is a Greek name but the idea is basically that planet Earth is a living organism, with thoughts, feelings and moods hence she can react to being hurt and can also have moods and temperaments just like any other creature. This basically makes the Earth a host while we are like parasites, and very harmful parasites at that. Not very reassuring for us in the long term unless we do something about it. This would make the Earth into a being which needs to be worshipped. Which is basically what we have to do.

          I very much agree with your sentiments David. Personally, I don’t think that we have to be parasites, we could choose to live in equilibrium with nature, as do/did hunter-gatherer societies around the world, and I don’t think we necessarily have to go back to some kind of living in the past that wouldn’t be feasible for most people either. If only we applied our technology and science for the greater good and not for … MONEY and PROFIT … then things could be a lot better. Something went wrong somewhere in the past, we started to become takers instead of borrowers. You can honour Gaia in many ways, but I’m a great believer in trying as best to practise what you preach, so cleaning up the litter left on the beach, for example, is as good a way as any to do this. What do you think?


          Dave TheDruid-3X3

            david poole wrote:
            “basically that planet Earth is a living organism, with thoughts, feelings and moods hence she can react to being hurt”

            Actually, I been sort of considering the Coronavirus Pandemic being a Symptom of the Planet Earth Suffering an Illness.

            And FYI:
            When I first sent a copy of my Essay to Bobcat, she replied calling it a “Wonderful Thesis”. Since then, I have been her Steadfast Devotee and why I Dedicated my Treasury of Druidic Triads to her.


            Dave TheDruid-3X3

              Konnichiwa to All:

              Today is the 75th Anniversary of the Dropping of the Hiroshima A-Bomb.

              I am mentioning it here as my Book Of The Law essay mentions my June 2000 Visit to Hiroshima and my Experience with the Kuraganemochi Japanese Holy Tree.

              There is nothing stirring in the Powell Street Festival about any Memorials so I will put on some Incense tonight and Light a Candle.

              Keeping it Simple.


              Dave TheDruid-3X3

                Awens to All:

                When I went to this year’s Powell Street Festival, I did something there for the First Time – I Bought A Lottery Ticket.

                It Won The 18th Draw!

                So to show Respect & Admiration for a certain Japanese Buddhist Monk, I gave my Prize to Him.

                I Donated it to His Family because he has always shown Respect for Me and My Beliefs.

                And for being 3 Years Old in Village about 70Km North of Hiroshima when the A-Bomb was Dropped.

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                Dave TheDruid-3X3

                  This Evening, I made a Schnitzel Caesar to go with Two Schnitzels that I picked up after Work.

                  I had Three Schnitzels. I put one in the Freezer to Cool Right Down from being Cooked while the other Two Schnitzels stayed Warm in the Electric Frying Pan.

                  After about 10 or 15 Minutes, I got that Schnitzel out of the Freezer and Diced It Up and mixed it with Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, Dijon Mustard, Mayonnaise, and Grated Marble Cheddar.

                  I put that in a Deep Dish and put the Two Other Fried Schniztels on top.

                  Took a Picture of my Meal Creation and then started in on it.

                  About 2/3rds gone now.

                  Dave TheDruid-3X3

                    Its Gone Now.

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