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    All history is written by the people who are the conquers, so all history is written to make the conquers look good and the conquered look bad. So History can never be trusted, only myth can be trusted. Taliesin was a bard, and it did not take him 20 years to become one. I believe that the whole idea of a twenty-year druid school is a hoax. Most of the real druids had faery blood in them, so they could naturally turn into trees or raise cones of power. Merlyn and Taliesin were both druids who had faery bloodline. I think modern druids should be careful about believing everything that the Romans and the Christians wrote about us because they do not have the first clue about the druids, or how many of us there are. The druids were never wiped off the face of the earth like the history books claim. Myth should always take precedence over history. There are many reincarnated druids among us, and druids have high standards of ethics. Trying to look at the past druids through the lens of roman and Christian writers is to see darkly and not see the truth. Further, a curse is nothing more than a spell that is used for evil instead of good. And druids do know spellcraft. But, druids also know the cost of using a spell for evil, so no modern druid would ever use a cursing spell. Druids walk with the other world, we have other world friends, and the druid way is a spiritual way of life that honors our relations with animals and the earth and the trees and the faeries and the gods and goddesses. I believe that if you are a druid, you will know it, and no amount of training will matter or change the fact of what you are. The druid way of life will call to you if you are a druid, and you will have to answer it if you ever want to be happy. So accept it, if you hear the call. It is only in acceptance that peace can be found.