Reply To: Tutors


    Hi Crowbeard, What did you learn about visualization form the OBOD? And what is their big secret at the end of the course? Was it really something that was not obvious, or that can not be found in a million books on witchcraft and druids, or just a big sales tease? I welcome you to the BDO. I think you have made a wise choice and will learn a great deal about bard work from your fellow BDO druids, and from reading the course material. And I encourage you to share with us what you know. Please share with your fellow druids what you learned over at the OBOD. Did you feel that the OBOD was too new age based? What did you think about building a grove in you mind? And what were your experiences with raising energy? I feel that the different ranks in Druidry are nothing more than merit badges, and don’t mean a thing. Being a Druid to me is about a relationship with nature and the Celtic Gods and Goddesses, and the good folk, faery people. What do you think it is? And the definition of Dogma, is believing something just because someone in authority, like a druid with lots of merit badges, and who claims power from early druids, says something is true. I say think for yourself, and don’t trust authority. Best to look around and make your own decisions and not follow leaders. The only leader you have is yourself and your life experiences. Best Star-tree