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    David, yes, I agree, that shapeshifting is more easy in other planes of being, such as the realm of the faery. However, Taliesin is a riddler and a trickster from the realm of the faery. He was found in a leather bag floating in the ocean, and that would be impossible for a human baby to survive in. So he is a faery being, or has faery blood in him. His mother was Ceridwen, the great grain goddess of the Celts. I don’t think Taliesin is a god though, and I don’t think we have any of his poetry. What we have is poetry written by monks and attributed to him. And in fact the stuff that is said to be by him is not very good. If the poetry had been by him it would have sung and chimed. Therefore, Taliesin could represent that druids should be friends with the faeries or were friends with the faery kingdom and that the faery kingdom has a great deal to do with nature, and mist. Also, time and space is probably different in the faery world, on the other side of the hedge. Not too long ago, I was driving in my car, and I went down a hill, and next, I found myself five miles away, and that is impossible, but it happened, and I was freaked out. So, even reality can be hot wired, and things are not always as they appear. Further, the druid Merlyn was of faery blood. And the whole idea of reincarnating into different animals is kind of stupid to me, because fish like being fish, and cats like being cats, and there is no reason that a cat would want to reincarnate as a dog, or a human. Humans are not any more special than cats or dogs. And that is why we need to respect all animal life and treat all animals as our cousins, which they are, and so are trees, or those who stand above here and there. Now that does not mean that I am a vegetarian, though it is a healthier lifestyle. I just think that we should be real about it and not mistreat cattle or chickens, and try to let them be free range chickens. In fact the goddess Ceridwen turned herself into a chicken, so there is nothing that is not spiritual about being a chicken, but still I am a human and would not want to reincarnate as a chicken. We need to live in harmony with nature. As druids, we can be healthier and happier when we are in harmony and respectful of nature. We can find Awen that will cheer our hearts in nature, and we need clean air to breath and clean water to drink. We are like the modern day naturalist, and find sanity from the screwed up industrial world in nature by being close to nature. Druids are people who love nature and who do not believe in something just because some priest told us it is true. Druids seek wisdom, and love wisdom. I think we are the kind of people who trust our own experiences, and that is how we each have a relationship with the divine. The early druids were more into living in the moment, and trusting their own experiences with life, and this may be why they did not want to write things down, and try to put experiences into codified form, because life needs to be lived through our own experience and not through someone else’s movie. woof Star-tree