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    David and Dowrgi, I think these are both mighty replies, and I love the stories of how you experience things in Cornwall Dowrgi. It really helps me to understand a druid way of life when I can hear stories of modern day druids experiencing a druid way of life. And I loved it when Greywolf talked about meeting Odin in a reply to a post on the horned god by David. Being a druid to me is about having a relationship with nature, and I think that is what Ross Nichols was trying to do with bringing back a druid lifestyle. I know that my life is greatly enhanced by listening to Celtic music, and harp playing, and learning about the names and healing powers of different plants. I feel like it just makes me a whole person. And I was once visited by the goddess Rhiannon when I was playing harp, and I felt the pure joy and love that the goddess Rhiannon has. Also, just as a side note, the faeries love Celtic harp music and will show up when you play. So, that is one good way to meet them. Also, I found the the Pilgrim harp company makes some very good harps, and I like the ash-down model. So, I just want to say that I want to live in harmony with all druids and respect all druids’ views. The Bible talks about the Fear of the Lord is the beginnings of wisdom, and the word Fear here means the reverence of the Lord. I would add this druid’s thought, that the reverence of nature is the beginning of wisdom. Further, I think that stories can change the world, and that modern druid bards are playing a great part in bringing our world back into balance with a recverenced relationship with nature. Plus, the druid way of life is fun, and kind, and loving, as it should be. I do think that druids have a sense of humor, and joy, and happiness that can’t be found in the industrial life style. And for me, being a part of the Celtic and druid culture is very healing, reconnecting to the beautiful enchanted forest, and magical ocean, feeling safe and connected to my fellow druids.
    woof, Star-tree