Reply To: A healing prayer or chant for our times …


    Thanks Greywolf.

    I particularly like Cétnad nAíse. I tend to agree with the idea that it’s far more pre-Christian in origin than Christian, despite interpolations or overlays and it certainly doesn’t fit with what we’d expect from a lorica in the style of Faeth Fiada or the very well-known St Patrick’s Breastplate – and even they may carry some pre-Christian notions over in them too.

    I wonder if the Seven Daughters are not a reference to the Pleiades? The Greeks referred to the Pleiades as seven sisters, and Greek sailors would time the sailing season by the conjunction and opposition of the Pleiades with the sun in spring and autumn respectively. The legends surrounding the Pleiades are very much connected to the sea, especially Halcyone and Poseidon, so I wonder if there isn’t some very ancient mariner’s lore in this too.