Reply To: Release of Bardic Materials


    Greetings all,
    Our course delivery system was tailor-made to work in conjunction with our old website, which it did without a hitch. Updating to our new website, however, led to an incompatibility somewhere in the fairly complex code and this has affected the delivery of material to some of our students. It shouldn’t have done, since the new site is set up using essentially the same software, but it did. Our tech guy, Adam, who created the delivery system, is working to track down the coding incompatibility and apply a fix that will fix it for everyone. Meanwhile, whenever we hear from a student having a problem accessing the material, our same overworked tech guy is creating an individual fix that gets that student back on track with course delivery. No one will lose out. Ever.
    The BDO is a not-for profit organisation run almost entirely by volunteers who do it because they believe in what we do and how we do it. All have occupations, families, etc. and present circumstances have, for the most part, created less rather than more time to devote to the BDO as our largely self-employed work-force struggle to keep any sort of income coming in. Our regular enquiries person, a senior NHS nurse, was put in charge of a C-19 intensive care unit, dramatically increasing her workload. She contracted the virus herself about ten days ago and has been extremely ill. Two more people who then took up the reins of enquiries have subsequently had to pass them on again. I’m now tackling enquiries myself and have, I think, now caught up with the backlog of messages that had built up over the last couple of weeks.
    We’re all doing everything we can. Everyone will get their course material. If you’re having a problem receiving yours, please email me at I will pass your message on to Adam and we will get it sorted. Bear in mind though that we are all stretched in our lives for a variety of lockdown-related reasons so applying the fix may take a few days. Also bear in mind that new packages of course material appear every two months, not monthly, just in case you’d missed that memo 😉
    Stay safe, keep well, many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\