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david poole

    I think that the Abrahamic religions, all three of them, are more exclusionary or more rigid and controlling than other faiths. Celtic culture is an interesting case. Before the Celts we had paganism and shamanism of one kind or another, that was I think basically what Britain was like all over. This period gave us all of our monuments and sacred sites, which were pre-Celtic, I think mid Neolithic for definite, large monuments all around the country. Then the Celts came in and things changed a bit. The Celtic period was supposed to be something like 30bce to 70ad, but the Celts were around long after that period; possibly this refers to pure Celtic culture. While the Celts ruled Britain the Romans invaded and romanised our country, which the Celtic tribes worked with or succumbed to to one degree or another. After the Romans left we got Christianity, which basically either eradicated the Celts or assimilated the Celtic tribes. Hence we got a faith which combined both, Celtic Christianity. I have seen what this is like, you can get Christianity today which has heavy Celtic elements such as prayers in Gaelic. This might be more common for example in places such as Ireland. Paganism was driven underground by Christianity, and the witchcraft act didn’t help, fortunately that was repealed in 1951 which was when we got Wicca thanks to Gerald Gardner. Although witchcraft is older than that. Maybe a few thousand years old as it may be linked to the Celtic tribes. Some of their practices may have meshed with what we think of as witchcraft. Then after that we got some element of heathenry, and don’t forget the Vikings came and invaded us as well, so we got parts of their culture. I think there may be a possibility that Jesus himself may have come to Britain to study under the Druids during what I think is some thirty or so missing years, I have read about this but I think it would need a separate thread to cover all of the theories for that, which I might do next. It would certainly be interesting. Among modern Druids I can certainly attest that OBOD is very open minded, I have seen OBOD members who combine other faiths or spiritual paths with Druidry. There does not appear to be any problem with that, I guess it is somewhat syncretic, taking what we think of as the best parts of other paths and mixing them together. One thing, Nuinn possessed an interest in Jainism and passed some of this on to Philip Carr Gomm, who does mention it frequently in the rather revealing DruidCast podcasts from OBOD. It keeps coming up in interviews with Philip, he does say however that he does not consider himself to be a Jain. In Jainism there is a strong emphasis in honouring the four directions just as modern pagans and Druids do, you can see why Jainism might be a subject for discussion although I know next to nothing about it apart from that. In one particular interview, Philip talks about whether it is possible to follow more than one path, and then says that one particular member, who is a hydrologist, said that if you want to drill for water you need to drill in more than one place. Implying that spiritual roundedness can only be obtained through experience of different kinds rather than either or thinking. Paganism today combines lots of elements of Druidry, witchraft, heathenry and other approaches such as animism, shamanism, pantheism, immanentism and other concepts, so where do you draw a line? We in our country have been invaded and assimilated so many times that maybe nothing is completely pure any more.