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    Morning David.

    I take the approach that each thing will fall in place in its own natural time, so I try to go with the flow.

    Of late, I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of research on actual bards, historical or semi-historical, including the Breton bard Gwenc’hlan, Diougan Gwenc’hlan, however, it is a bit frustrating working with materials from the 19th century as there are so many accusations and counter-accusations flying around in terms of authenticity. I’ve also come across the work of a 19th century Welsh poet/bard, John Ceiriog Hughes (1832–1887), I found his “Aros mae’r mynyddau mawr” very inspiring and there is a sung version by the group Ffynon – you can find it online with translations in English too if you wish. I did actually try to open a thread here with references and links, but it seems that the forum blocks these for some reason – probably as an anti-spam measure, which is a shame but I understand why.

    Anyway, keep up your good work and if you have time, see if you can find these poems and songs. I think a poem being sung in its original language is the closest we can get to what it would’ve been like to sit in an ancient British or Irish court and hear the bards of old, so I do find it very inspiring.