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david poole

    I really ought to be memorising the tale of Cerridwen and Taliesin as that was what we were asked to do; for some reason, I got a grip on the story of Llew first. I don’t completely understand why that is, except that I happen to do a lot of study on my own initiative and learn many different areas and that Llew happened to stick in my mind when I read it. Rather than abandon this gift in order to return to the Taliesin story I decided to make the most out of what had happened and write Llew instead; to my amazement, this actually worked. I don’t think my Taliesin memorisation can be far off. Rhiannon and Branwen resonate with me, so either or both of them could come out as stories before Taliesin. On the subject of poetry, I have somewhat struggled with trying to grasp some aspects of that. I was looking at studying a lot more into creative writing and folk groups; that is not possible right now, obviously, so that idea has ground to a halt until our current situation is over. I do have a poem in mind which I may post up here very soon.