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    I always think of the antler god as the Lord of Woods. I think of him as the spirit of place and I feel like every wood
    or forest has one of these antler gods running around. I don’t think he has anything to do with the great hunt because the
    great hunt seems to involve a god who is associated with the wind. Mountain Climbers say that after someone dies on a climb, the wind
    gets real quiet, like it has gotten what it came for. Somehow, the name Cernunnos just does not feel very druidy to me, it feels more greek. however, I may be very wrong about this for there were many druids in Europe at one time. I wonder if the Lady of the woods appears in the form of a deer.
    I do think that seeing a white deer can mean that a death in the family could happen. It is definitely some kind of otherworld signal, and I have
    learn my lesson about listening to the animals when they speak. I sit up and take notice because the gods and goddesses can speak through the animals,
    sending us messages, if we will be wise enough to listen. I know that I always hear an owl or see an owl before someone in my family dies.