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david poole

    Thank you Dowrgi. The whole thing was written completely from memory, I did not use a single reference while I was writing it. It took about three to three and a half hours. I WPd the whole thing, did a spelling and grammar check, then pasted it into the standard text box. I don’t think I rewrote anything at all, it seemed alright after the first pass, which was pretty surprising. It turned out to be a lot longer than expected, I was worried that it might be too long. I used part of a movie which I saw which told large parts of this story. That helped me a lot. While I was writing, I was able to recall all of the separate scenes and images from the film. It basically acted like the memory palace memorisation technique; each key scene and character had its own picture attached to it, writing the story I simply moved through all of the different rooms and followed the thread. It really helped to break one continuous story into individual scenes, the key moments; writing the story then became a simple matter of linking all of the separate scenes together and adding descriptions and dialogue. Character motivation was one thing which I thought was key to this story, so I had to think of what each character was thinking and feeling, what motivated them; I added elements of this to the story to make each character’s actions appear understandable, even though there is a lot of deception and betrayal, attempted murder and adultery. I did not know the full background of Gwydion, this is something which I would like to know more about. I know practically nothing about Math Ap Mathonwy; I feel that his particular character appears very thinly sketched out. I would like to do more of the Mabinogion stories over the next few days, depending on how the memorisation goes. Memorisation works well but requires a lot of practice and focus.