Reply To: Meditation Practice


    When you meditate on breath, all kinds of thoughts and images arise and disappear. This is normal. What you do is just watch them, note them, and then go back to focusing on your breath, returning gently over an over again to your breath. Also in breath meditation don’t close down your throat when you let the air out or bring the air in. Keep you airway relaxed and don’t shut it off at any time. This is called getting in touch with the watcher. You are learning how to watch the thoughts arise and disappear in your mind. Same with all meditation, when your mind wanders, just bring in gently back to the focus of attention. Thoughts are arising and disappearing in you mind all of the time, and that is one of the things that meditation shows you. Your mind should feel free and more relaxed after meditation, and it should be easier to get in touch with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses and the faery people, and the consciousness of the trees. You will also develop more control over your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is also a key to developing magic powers and inner peace, and we can all use a sense of inner peace in this fast paced world. Just slowing down, and taking the time to meditate can bring a sense of wonder to your life, allowing the Awen to flow. Best Star Tree