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    Hi again, I’ve had a quick look for the quote from the Cóir Anmann for you.

    Cóir Anmann 150. Dagda.i. dagh dé .i. día soinemhail ag na geintíbh é, ar do adbradbáis Tuatba Dé Danann dó, ar bá día talmhan dóibh é ar mhét a chumachta.

    Cóir Anmann 150. Dagda, that is dag dé ‘fire of god’. He was a beautiful god of the heathens, for the Tuatha De Danann worshipped him: for he was an earth-god to them because of the greatness of his (magical) power.

    Here’s the source, in Irish, English and German:

    What’s interesting is that the Tuatha Dé also worshipped him. The “fire god” etymology is disputed in favour of the etymology of good or bright, but fire is both bright and good if you live in cold, northern Europe, is it not?