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david poole

    In spite of everything I feel that there is a powerful force or forces which interact with our lives, which we might describe as powers or gods. Every time I read something about Cernunnos I feel that his name represents something real, whether it can be proven by history or not. I feel that there is something very real out there which can be described as Cernunnos, whether this is its original name or not. Maybe it is a new name which we have given to something much older. In any case, the point is that in ritual or magical terms, calling upon this force by this name should produce a result; there is some kind of magic at work here. I have encountered this before in situations where Cernunnos, if you choose to call him or it that, has been called upon with a result or some kind of feeling of result. I think what is happening here is that we are interfacing with real powers and that the names, while vitally important, do not have to carry historical evidence, only effects and consequences. I say that names are important because different forces have different properties and different consequences. What we commonly think of as Cernunnos is like a shepherd or an animal guardian or protector; he is like a summing up for this particular aspect of the supernatural world. Therefore should he be called upon, he or something like him will respond in an appropriate way.

    There is another minor confusion here; Touchstone has recently published an article by Ben Hopkinson in which an artist, Julie Brett, has depicted Ben as Gwynn Ap Nudd. I need to know more about Gwynn, by the way, which I am sure you will come forward with. Anyway, Ben/Gwynn has been depicted as something like Cernunnos, again based on Gundestrup which seems to be a recurring image in different contexts. Does this prove anything? No. Unless there is some kind of connection, but would that be historical or spiritual? I am hoping that you can shed some light on that question.