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david poole

    I was going to look into wolf cults at some point soon, I feel that that would have a lot of interesting things to say. I am already aware of some of the things which you have shared regarding the Norse religion. I feel that the heathen Saxons have had a big influence on our landscape and beliefs; a matter worth consideration in itself. Odin is surrounded by a different range of animals than Cernunnos, it’s like they’re dealing with the animal world and its spirits in different ways. Through my studies I am aware that different cultures have had their own versions of a thunder god; look into it and you may notice some of the similarities. The Vikings came along later than many cultures; it has been my thought that their gods, such as Thor, may have been borrowed from earlier cultures and renamed to fit their culture. I think that a number of thunder gods carry hammers, with obvious implications, if they are connections although it is suggestive. I think the hedgehog mounds just outside Avebury along the Ridgeway are meant to be Saxon? By the way, I am surprised that Odin has so many different names, maybe as many as 205 different names. Any thoughts on that subject? Why would he need to have so many different names?