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david poole

    I did not know that Odin was regarded as the trickster within Norse mythology; I thought that that role had already been assigned to Loki? I thought that Odin’s role was very different, seems very different. I don’t get the feeling that that is exactly his role.

    I am aware that in Wiltshire there is a Waden Hill; also, that there is a dyke known as the Wansdyke. From what I know I think that this is derived from the name Woden. Presumably the result of Saxon influence. I would like to look into this more at some point, I know that you said that you might too.

    I kind of feel that the Dagda is like a father figure to the gods, I am aware that he is also regarded as an allfather and also as a sponsor for Druidry, something I would like to know more about. Cernunnos appears to be in contact with the world of the animals, possibly their spirits, which would place him within a very different role. I see Cernunnos operating as part of a pantheon rather than being the main leader.