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david poole

    I think that is wise advice, Dowrgi, don’t jump to too many conclusions. I prefer to start with the evidence and work from there. I find that speculation does become part of the process. It seems hard to avoid. Cernunnos seems fascinating, which is why I chose him as a subject. In a time when animals and the environment are still always under threat, he seems like something of a symbol to stand by. This is the main role which I see him under, as guardian and protector. The Dagda is different, I feel like there is more to him somehow. As you mention, he has different names and more tools which he works with. I think this is relevant. Cernunnos for example possesses a torc and a serpent with rams horns, the serpent is kind of like a tool only not. He is I am certain using it for some specific purpose; this is something which requires further investigation. I must say that you are remarkably well informed Dowrgi, that is some useful information. Do you think that the Celts influenced the Vikings? I think the connection with Woden also bears further investigation.