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This is the poem I wrote when I read the taster pamphlet for the course.
As I said in my profile, I made trail bread for the first time in ages, and wrote this.

Marry the moon, my child

Marry the Moon, my child, marry the Moon
And soon in twilight’s chill
Frost fills me with longing, still.

Marry the Sun, my child, marry the Sun
And run, your summers free
In joy; River, Stone and Tree

Marry the Earth, my child, marry the Earth
At birth; in blood and bone
Bonded. Together, alone.

Marry the Sky, my child, marry the Sky
And fly; fly, dearest child
Breathless, and cloud-kissed, and wild.

Marry the snow, my child, marry the snow
And go; and merry part;
And merry meet, dearest heart.

Marry the Fire, my child, marry the Fire
Inspire unfettered joy;
Beautiful, my darling boy.

I know it’s rough as a bear’s arse, not looking for ego strokes, I just felt that, as the course material keeps saying we should share our stuff. So I am 🙂