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david poole

    Thank you Dowrgi. This is a fascinating list. I possess many books but tend to be a slow reader. Here are some that I have found particularly useful.

    Ogham Sketch Book by Karen Cater Hedingham Fair 2011

    Lavishily illustrated in full colour. Fascinating to look at. Connects with the trees and the Ogham, which is really an Ovate study but I like jumping ahead. The trees are tied in to the wheel of the year. Each tree gets its own chapter.There are many correspondences given. There are stories and folklore. Sometimes this connects with Norse Mythology, such as the Ash which connects with Odin, Yggdrasil and Odin’s acquistion of the runes. Celtic lore and Welsh lore are covered too. There are charms, medicine and recipes. There are songs and poems. You are given lots of advice on things to do. There are close descriptions of trees and plants. You get drawings so you will recognise everything that you see. The glossaries are very good. Beautiful and essential reading.

    The Bardic Handbook by Kevan Marnwaring Gothic Image Publications 2006

    There is a tremendous amount of information here, more than I can describe. It is somewhat based around Bath. There are many illustrations throughout which makes the book feel extremely lively. It is really designed to be a complete course in itself. There are lessons and self evaluation tests. You are supposed to work through the lessons and progress in stages. Bardism is described in great detail, the book goes through every level, every grade. Soem of the pictures are extremely meaningful, loaded with symbolism. You will learn a lot about paganism and Celtic beliefs and culture. Music, storytelling, poetry and history are covered at length. The elements are all covered. As you progress, you work naturally through the wheel of the year and the seasons. This book is astonishing, it will teach you so much. Are there any books which go into the Ovate and Druid grades in this way, if only there were or are I would certainly want to know a lot more about those. For anyone serious about bardism this book is essential. There is so much knowledge in here, there are things which I did not see in the booklets even, which was surprising as you know how deep they are. This books covers knowledge which you will not find anywhere else. Essential reading.

    The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington Llewellyn 2017

    Penny Billington is the editor of Touchstone magazine. This book is like a condensed course on Druidry. It attempts to provide definition for what Druidry is. There are meditation exercise in each chapter. The Mabinogion is used a lot, with a story in each chapter.Firsthand practical experience and engaging with nature in person are emphasised. The elements are covered, this was one section which I found to be a little short as it really needs more on it, for example Kevan Manwaring makes this aspect central to his book which I feel it really should be. The wheel of the year is covered, animals are introduced as teachers and totems. The Celts are covered in another very brief chapter, this is my main problem with this book it is a great overview and very insightful but sometimes seems like an introduction rather than going all the way. Stones and stars and the zodiac are covered. Penny then goes into each of the three grades. For me this was a very exciting revelation, I really wanted a road map to see how Druidry might progress and I really wanted some idea of what the Ovate and Druid grades entail, Penny goes into this and this was something which I felt very grateful for. You will get a better view of what Druidry is like as a path when you see how it all flows. The real world is covered in the final chapter. Overall, this is a very good book. It brings everything together, but as I said earlier it can feel a little terse, a little brief, and it could go on for much longer.

    The Writers and Artists Yearbook 2020

    If you are serious about art or writing this book may well change your life. Obviously you need to have talent in the first place, and effort, and dedication, but if you do then this book will tell you how to get seen by other people. This book is about making awen manifest in the physical realm of the real world.

    Pagan Portals Moon Books

    Very short and very condensed, this have proven to be very revealing reading. Particular favourites include all of their books about Druidry in general, as well as some of the books about specific deities; the Dagda is a particular favourite of mine. More topical would be the book on Brigid. I really liked the book on the Morrigan. One day I must get around to reading about the Cailleach. I would like to see some other books, such as Celtic gods and goddesses (I think there is something on the Irish ones?), Celtic mythology, and specific books on some gods and goddesses which I don’t think have been written yet. On the subject of Odin or Woden and Thor, which are mentioned in the course, Morgan Daimler (their most prolific author) has written about them, the book on odin is recommended and the forthcoming book on Thor, which should be out in March which is not long now, taught me a few things even in the Amazon preview. They have books on Rhiannon and Mannan Mac Lirr among other deities, but some really ought to be covered one day in the future.