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    will be attractive enough to wean folk with Celtic leanings away from Runes!

    Hello Greywolf,

    I’m glad you’ve mentioned that, as it is something that has bugged me on occasion for a long time. Over the years, I’ve taken a great interest in runes, runelore and Germanic mythology and I do think that there are a lot of parallels and insights to be gleaned from them. Nevertheless, I do admittedly wince at some of the stuff I’ve seen in “souvenir” shops and available online. Moreover, we know that the ancient Celtic-speaking peoples, for want of a better phrase, did have writing systems of their own – Lepontic, Celtiberian and that it was said that the Greek alphabet was also used by druids in Gaul when they needed to write anything and I do believe that there was an ancient oracular/divination system based on the Greek letters too. Why not explore that as well? When does learning from, adapting and incorporating tradition and just “copying” start and finish?