Reply To: Bardic Journal


    Morning, all.
    I’ve started the course at the end of November.
    I don’t journal every day, but what I’m doing with it is writing about the exercises in the course, anything that strikes me on my walks, any bits of poetry, and, to an extent, how I’m feeling on a given day.
    I’m also noting impressions from meditations, dreams and stuff.

    With the story memorising, I learned two bits from Taliesin – the bit that starts ‘First, I have been formed a comely person…’ which I chose because it’s basically a list, so I learned it by attaching images to numbers like the course material suggests, and the bit ‘primary chief bard am I…’
    I have the words, mostly, but can only recite it if I sit dead still with my eyes shut. Heh.
    Next I’m working on a freer story, an Inuit story, The Stone Child.
    Nice to ‘meet’ you all.
    BTW,Daryll, the idea of writing a part of my life story as a Story never occurred to me. That’s really exciting.